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Journal of Psychiatry

     Previously African Journal of Psychiatry
     Impact Factor: 0.871 (SCI)          Open Access, Peer-reviewed
ISSN: 2378-5756
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Recently published articles

A Post-Authorisation Safety Survey Evaluating Risperidone Long-Acting Injectable in Romania

Ioana MicluÅ£ia, Ramona Pãunescu and Roxana Ciungu

Psychiatry and Religion, What Psychiatrists and Religion Professionals Can Do?

Amir Bishay

Promotion of Mental Health and Well-Being of Adolescents in Schools - A NIMHANS Model

Vranda MN

Family Support and Adherence to Treatment in Patients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia in Tabasco, Mexico: A Case- Series Study

Homero Daniel Hernandez-Yánez, Jorge E Reyes-Tovilla, Isela E Juárez-Rojop, Thelma Beatriz González-Castro, Mario Villar-Soto, María Lilia López-Narváez, Humberto Nicolini, Alma Genis and Carlos Alfonso Tovilla-Zárate

The Spatial Regularities of Violent Mortality in European Russia and Belarus: Ethnic and Historical Perspective
Kandrychуn SV and Razvodovsky YE
Low-Dose Clozapine for an Adolescent with TBI-Related Fregoli Delusions
Ahmed Naguy and Ali Al-Tajali
Chronic Pain Pharmacological Treatment in Patients with Depressive Disorders

Aurilio C, Pace MC, Passavanti MB, Pota V, Sansone P, Barbarisi M, Rossi A , Coaccioli S, Chieffi S, Messina G and Monda M

Comparison of Relative α-Power Spectral Electroencephalogram Activity Analysis According to Electrical Stimulation Levels in Normal Adults

Hee-Kyung Jin and Sung-Hyoun Cho

Affective Temperaments in Patients with Irritable Colons: A Suspicious Relationship

Esra Yazici, Alime Burçin Saykan, Cengiz Karacaer, Ahmet Bulent Yazici, Atila Erol and Mustafa Ihsan Uslan

The Experiences of Parents for Emotional Interaction with Children with Autism: A Systemic Approach

Doui Irene

Genetic Approaches-Investigating Psychiatry

Mansoor Ahmad Dar, Rayees ahmad Wani, Yasir Hassan Rather, Mashooq Ahmad Dar, Arshad Hussain, Irfan Ahmad Shah, Mushtaq Ahmad Margoob, Rajesh Kumar Chandel, Majid Shafi Shah, Mohd Muzzaffar Jan and Altaf Ahmad Malla

Characteristics of Mental Illnesses among Psychiatric Patients Admitted to the Alamal Complex for Mental Health in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2013

Jaber Sharaheeli, Fahad Alswaidi and Ahmed Mandil

Gender Variations and Symptom Expression in Reactive Attachment Disorder

Faisal A Islam, Walter Duffy and Zia Choudhry

Suicidal Idea, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Self-esteem and Impulsiveness in Korean Soldiers

Na Ye Kim, Pyo Kyu Lee and Myung Ho Lim

Autism-A Multifaceted Diffuse Pathology

Radek Ptacek, Dagmar Brejlova, Hana Ptackova, Lucie Domkarova, Jiri Raboch and George B Stefano

The Prevalence and Risk Factors of Anxiety Disorders in an Egyptian Sample of School and Students at the Age of 12-18 Years

Ismail A, Abdelgaber A, Hegazi H, Lotfi M, Kamel A and Ramdan M

The Importance of Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Anna Rita Marchi

Towards Treating Substance Abuse in Integrative Behavioral Health

Nicole M Martinez

UDS in Mental Health: Is it time to Move Forward?

Zia Choudhry, Faisal A Islam, Waquar Siddiqui, Mohammed Waris, Mahesh Rajamani and Walter Duffy

Autism, Stigma and Achievements of Bangladesh

Tanjir Rashid Soron

On Becoming a Zebra
Nicole Martinez
Inheriting Trauma and Vicarious Exposure: Ramifications for Adolescents

Ayza Yazdani

Adjustment Disorders (Stress Related or Psychiatric Disorder)
Ismail Ali
Prevalence and Factors Associated with Perceived Stigma among Patients with Epilepsy in Ethiopia
Tolesa Fanta, Telake Azale, Dawit Assefa and Mekbit Getachew

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