Administrative Law

Administrative law deals with the structure, powers and functions of the organs of administration; the limits of their powers; the methods and procedures followed by them in exercising their powers and functions; the methods by which their powers are controlled including the legal remedies available to a person against them when his rights are infringed by their operation. The term Rule of Law refers to a government based on principles of law and not of men. In a democracy, the concept has assumed different dimension and means that the holders of public powers must be able to justify publically that the exercise of power is legally valid and socially just. Dicey developed this concept of Rule of Law. Dicey said Rule of Law means, the absolute supremacy of predominance of regular law as opposed to the influence of arbitrary power and excludes the existence of arbitrariness, or prerogative, or even wide discretionary authority on the part of the government. According to him, wherever there is discretion there is room for arbitrariness. Online Journals are scholarly and peer reviewed journals. The journals provide forum and motivates scientists, researchers, academics, engineers, and practitioners in all aspects to share their professional and academic knowledge in the fields computing, engineering, humanities, economics, social sciences, management, medical science, and related disciplines. Online Journals also aims to reach a large number of readers worldwide with original and current research work completed on the vital issues of the above important disciplines. The journals permit all readers to read, view, download and print the full-text of all published articles without any subscription or restrictions.
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Last date updated on September, 2014

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