Aquaculture Engineering

Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal is one of the most accessed indexed journals in aquaculture engineering. All the published articles of the journal are included in the following indexing sites: Google Scholar, EBSCO, Aquaculture Network Information Centre, ProQuest, CABI, Cross Ref, etc. Fish and fishery products represent a very valuable source of protein and essential micronutrients for balanced nutrition and good health. The global population is increasing and, in order to maintain at least the current level of per-capita consumption of aquatic foods, the world will require an additional 23 million tones there of by 2020... In aquaculture, in fact, fish are often exposed to stress conditions, due to farming practices such as manipulation, selection, high stocking density, transportation, the conditions of pre-slaughter and slaughter methods. During the last decades the aquaculture engineering industry increased together with the scientific knowledge about new technologies on farming but also several discussions on the potential negative effects linked to the welfare of cultured fish. In my opinion research should be conducted to reduce the stress in aquaculture practices together with behavioral and physiological response of the fish, is in fact necessary to adopt the guidelines and protocols that can be used all over the aquaculture sector... Monique Mancuso, Fish Welfare in Aquaculture Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal is published by OMICS Group, one of the leading Open Access publishers. OMICS Group International conferences review committee focus on research methodology, the applicative part implemented to obtain the result as these will affect the quality of abstracts accepted for oral and poster presentations. Panel discussion during the last day has been a real treat for the participants as vast amount of knowledge is shared during the same
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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