Behavioral Science

Journal of Psychiatry is the leading Journal in Behavioral Sciences. Published bimonthly, is the leading international journal on the effects of evolutionary and planned change. Breaking ground in its exploration of group dynamics, organization development, and social change, providing scholars the best in research, theory, and methodology, while also informing professionals and their clients.Behavioral science is the efficient study and investigation of human and animal behavior through controlled and naturalistic surveillance, and disciplined scientific experimentation. It attempts to achieve legitimate, objective conclusions through rigorous formulations and observation. Examples of behavioral sciences include psychology, psychobiology, and cognitive science. Behavioural sciences abstract empirical data to inspect the decision processes and communication strategies within and between organisms in a social system. This includes fields like psychology, social neuroscience and cognitive science. In contrast, social sciences provide a sensitive skeleton to study the processes of a social system through impacts of social organisation on structural modification of the individual and of groups. They include fields like sociology, economics, public health, anthropology, demography and political science. However, many subfields of these disciplines cross the margins of behavioural and social. For example, political psychology and behavioural use behavioural approaches, in spite of the predominant focus on systemic and institutional factors in the broader areas of political science and economics.OMICS publishes original scientific and specialized articles on all aspects of clinical chemistry, medical biochemistry and related scientific disciplines. Also provides the researchers and young minds descriptions of new experimental methods of biochemical importance, or new interpretations of existing result.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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