Bioceramics are subset of biomaterials. Bioceramics range in biocompatibility from the ceramic oxides, which are inert in the body, to the other extreme of resorbable materials which are eventually replaced by the materials which they were used to repairing. Bioceramics is a ceramic material that is biocompatible and an oxide form of ceramics. Bioceramics intended as a permanent replacement, such coating gliding surfaces to reduce wear either in prosthetic joints, or as a temporary structure, as in the case of bioresorbable pins, plates and screws. Bioceramics Development and Applications is an Open Access peer reviewed journal, which addresses the current cutting-edge research in bioceramics, their clinical and medical applications in surgery, implants, drug-delivery in diseases, gene therapy, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. OMICS International is one of the very fewer well-established Open Access publishers in the world. The Group currently running around 500 open access journal that are publishing high quality peer reviewed content in the respective fields. The Pioneer publisher now offering it services in Medicine, Engineering & technology and Life sciences. 50,000+ editorial board members upholding the quality standards OMICS Peer reviewed Journals.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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