Microbial Biotechnology

Microbial biotechnology, enabled by genome studies, will lead to breakthroughs such as improved vaccines and better disease-diagnostic tools, improved microbial agents for biological control of plant and animal pests, modifications of plant and animal pathogens for reduced virulence, development of new industrial catalysts and fermentation organisms, and development of new microbial agents for bioremediation of soil and water contaminated by agricultural runoff. Journal of Bio discovery addresses a range of topics, presenting full-length papers and mini-reviews of new and emerging products, processes and technologies. Coverage includes biotechnology and applications of biotechnology in different fields of science. Journal promises publishing of quality articles with fast and robust peer review process. OMICS Group takes pride in encouraging Multilingual Translational Services for Academic Publishing with the dialect interpretation wing in French, Spanish and German. OMICS Group that immovably trusts in the idea 'The right to data is Universal' offers exclusive expectation manual interpretation of articles from writer's native language to English and from English to other world languages like Spanish, French & German.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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