Molecular Docking

Molecular docking is a key tool in structural molecular biology and computer-assisted drug design. The goal of ligand-protein docking is to predict the predominant binding mode(s) of a ligand with a protein of known three-dimensional structure. Successful docking methods search high-dimensional spaces effectively and use a scoring function that correctly ranks candidate dockings. Docking can be used to perform virtual screening on large libraries of compounds, and how the ligands inhibit the target, which is invaluable in lead optimization. Journal of Bio discovery focuses on publishing high quality articles and reports. Founded in the year of 2007 and was running succefully with the aid of eminent editorial board members. Journal publishes articles related to drug development and experimental approaches in drug development like docking. Journal provides many author benefits like articles published are freely accessed universally via internet and in readable formats. OMICS International is one of the heading open access publishing houses in the world. OMICS is presently circling 500 Open Access Journals under its pennant. OMICS gathering puts stock in moral production of academic work, in this way, devoted to globally acknowledged Reviewers selections and process, by which submitted work will be investigated before acknowledged for distribution. The real stake of the OMICS distributed house is its 30000 global presumed publication group and proceeds help in adjusting the step by step improvements of science
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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