Biosensors Journal is one of the most viewed journals on biointerface. The journal provides the quality articles serving as the major source of knowledge for young and aspiring generations who are keen in pursuing a career in bioengineering and medical sciences. The demand for open access journals has specifically witnessed an accretion not only due to the progress in medical profession, but also due to the advancements in certain specialized fields like cancer research, neurology, physiotherapy, diabetes and metabolic disorders. A biointerface is the interface between a cell, a biological tissue or living being or organic material considered living with another biomaterial or inorganic/organic material. The motivation for biointerface science stems from the urgent need to increase the understanding of interactions between biomolecules and surfaces. Monitoring protein-ligand interactions is routinely performed by fluorescently labeling the proteins of interest. Protein labeling can, however, interfere with detection measurements and be highly inconvenient to employ. To solve these problems, a simple and highly sensitive technique for detection of protein-ligand binding at biointerfaces has been developed. The method is based upon modulation of the interfacial pH when the protein binds. This change is detected by pH-sensitive fluorescent dye molecules embedded into the biointerface. The dye fluoresces strongly in the protonated state but becomes inactive upon deprotonation. OMICS Group will keep up to date with latest advances in the respective fields and papers published in its journals will reach the readers directly through E-mail. OMICS Group Journals encourages original and well researched articles for publication. OMICS Group formed a network by signing agreements with more than 100 international societies and formed scientific alliances to make healthcare information Open Access. OMICS vision is removing barriers to research published online will greatly aid to the progress in Clinical, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Chemistry disciplines.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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