Biosensors In Free Radical Scavenging

Biosensors Journal is one of the multidimensional open access journals on biosensors in free radical scavenging. The journals of OMICS International are periodical publications covering the deep insights of science, intended to communicate with the scientific community to further the progress of mankind. Open Access journals not only give royalty to free literature, but also reduce costs for paper-copy production, physical storage, and distribution through digitalized copies. DNA damage in vitro is detected for the evaluation of the antioxidant properties of plant extracts using an electrochemical biosensor and found to be effective. The biosensor consisted of a dsDNA immobilized on a screen-printed electrode surface (SPE). DNA damage was promoted by the generation of the radical dotOH radicals via Fenton-type reaction. The interaction of the radical species with immobilised DNA in the absence and presence of antioxidants was evaluated by means of changes in the guanine oxidation peak obtained by square wave voltammetry. The results demonstrated that the DNA-based biosensor is suitable as a rapid screening test for the evaluation of antioxidant properties of samples. OMICS International is one of the leading open access companion evaluated distributes. OMICS is instantly revolving around 500 companions looked into Open Access Journals and 80 gatherings for consistently under its standard. Advancement of Open Access is exceptionally critical to empower development, and stream of learning far and wide. OMICS Group supports the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing. OMICS International organizes Science Congress, World Summits, and International science conferences in India, USA, Dubai, Australia and Europe. OMICS International thus is making a world tour taking its agenda of spreading knowledge related science and technology Open Access. OMICS Group Conferences are known for their innovation and unique features.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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