Biosensors Journal is one of the best peer-reviewed journals of OMICS International, presenting the articles on the novel and current scientific studies taking place in the area of biotransducers across universities and research centers in various parts of the world. Optical biotransducers used in optical biosensors for signal transduction, use photons in order to collect information about analyte. These are highly sensitive, highly specific, small in size and cost effective. The detection mechanism of optical biotransducer depends upon the enzyme system that converts analyte into products which are either oxidized or reduced at the working electrode. Evanescent field detection principle is most commonly used in an optical biotransducer system as the transduction principle which enables the detection of fluorophores exclusively in the close proximity of the optical fiber. OMICS Group International peer-review policies are highly appreciated, accepted and adaptable to the criteria that have been prescribed by the international agencies such as NIH, PubMed etc. OMICS Group International also organizes 3000+ International Scientific Conferences per year globally. Peer reviewing provides significant criticism with the intention that scientists can revise and enhance their papers before publication. OMICS special feature includes publication immediately after acceptance, quality and quick editorial, review processing. Archived online transactions of OMICS Group provide the International scientific community with immediate and permanent access to individual papers.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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