Cell Biology

"Cell biology is an important area of research. With the advent of bio-chemical and molecular methods, technologies and protocols for cell biology research, important cloning reactions, signaling processes, cellular activities and mechanism of actions of extrinsic and intrinsic molecules can be monitored and measured. The study of single cell biology offers significant advantages in understanding the interrelated signaling process in an organism. Monitoring of the activity of single cells does not present any ethical barriers for use in research and cell therapy. A broad technology platform provides sensitive tools from isolation and characterization of different cell types to the validation of cellular mechanisms of differentiation... John WS Ho, Mechanisms of Action of Proteins, Peptides and Biomarkers in Single Cell Analysis The Journal of Biology and Medicine involves the study and research in Cell Biology, and provides an international platform where students, authors and researchers from different linguistic environments have the opportunity to share their valuable scientific experience in cell biology, from their native language to English or from English to other international languages including French, German and Spanish. We believe that the newly launched OMICS Translation Services is a guarantee for quicker and larger dissemination of recent cell biology experiments worldwide, and a key component for future research. OMICS International is one of the few well-established Open Access publishers in the world. It has, to date, more than 700+ peer-reviewed journals. OMICS International covers various fields, including Medicine, Engineering & technology and Life sciences, and has dedicated Editorial Board members who assure the quality and originality of OMICS scientific journals."
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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