"Chemical Sciences journal is one of the best Indexed journals in Industrial chemistry. Chemical Sciences journal is indexed in Google Scholar, EBSCO, ProQuest, Gale, CAS, CABI and Under review by Thomson ISI for inclusion in SCI-E. Chromatography is study comes under analytical chemistry techniques for the separation of mixtures. It includes passing the sample, a mixture which contains the analyte, in the ""mobile phase"", often in a stream of solvent, through the ""stationary phase."" The stationary phase retards the passage of the components of the sample. When components pass through the system at different rates they become separated in time, like runners in a marathon. Ideally, each component has a characteristic time of passage through the system. This is called its ""retention time."" A chromatograph takes a chemical mixture carried by liquid or gas and separates it into its component parts as a result of differential distributions of the solutes as they flow around or over a stationary liquid or solid phase. Different techniques for the separation of complex mixtures rely on the differential affinities of substances for a gas or liquid mobile medium and for a stationary adsorbing medium through which they pass; such as paper, gelatin, or magnesium silicate gel. OMICS group Provides Audio version-enhanced feature of website. Listening to audio research is more exciting than to look at the computer monitor and documents for hours. OMICS provides exclusive feature of audio listening. "
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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