Computational Intelligence

International Journal of Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary is one of the primary Peer Reviewed Computational intelligence Journals with the comprehensive studies in Swarm Intelligence, Genetic Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation. Journal is an Open source to the researchers and paves new insights in technology. Journal updates the knowledge in information and computer sciences by publishing high quality peer reviewed content as special edition and thematic editions. Computational intelligence (CI) can be defined as an approach to address complex real-world problems to which traditional approaches, i.e., explicit statistical modeling are infeasible. Another terms, it can be explained as CI is a set of nature-inspired, computational methodologies where first principles modeling are ineffective. After the completion of over half a decade, OMICS International started acquisition of journals from famous publishers around the globe. The initiative offers new age business models such as co-publishing, partnerships and associate publications to the publishers as well as individual researchers those who are running individual journals. OMICS acquisition team proudly announced that they acquired journals like Oral Health and Dental Management, Immunome Research and associated with various publishers.
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Last date updated on June, 2014