Dental Caries

Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine and Dental Science is top leading journals in Dental Caries which publishes novel research article after rigorous peer-review process by at least 2 expert reviewers of the related field. Dental caries is a tooth decay that is caused by the bacteria residing in the mouth. It is a result of the demineralization of the enamel, dentin and cementum by the acid produced by the bacteria by fermenting the food debris in the tooth cavities. It causes holes in the teeth called Carious lesions. Study of dental caries is called Cariology. OMICS Group is among best open access publishers with expert reviewers and renowned scientists in its editorial board. Both editors and reviewers actively participate in the peer-review process and helps in completing the review process within 21 days. Apart from that OMICS Group organizes more than 80 International Scientific conferences.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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