Economic Shocks

Arabian journal of business and management review offers Peer Reviewed Open access publications related to Economic shocks. Journal publishes work of marketing, economics, accounting, finance etc. Journal is one of the best Peer Reviewed journals in Economic shock studies. This magazine helps the young researchers as a pathfinder by providing cutting-edge research at free of charge. Economic shock is an event that produces a significant change within an economy, either positively or negatively despite occurring outside of it. In economics, a shock is an unexpected or unpredictable event that affects an economy. Technically, it refers to an unpredictable change in exogenous factors—that is, factors unexplained by economics—which may have an impact on endogenous economic variables. Economic shocks are unpredictable and typically impact supply or demand throughout the markets. OMICS Group formed a network by signing agreements with more than 100 international societies to make healthcare information Open Access. OMICS Group also offers various services like Publication Management, Processing Management, Event Management quality and subscription management to other similar institutions through this network. The Scientific Societies have trusted in OMICS peer-reviewed journals and attributed strongly towards supporting OMICS in their drive of helping the scientific community grow by impeding the barriers of healthcare and scientific information.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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