Enzyme Based Biosensors

Biosensors Journal is one of the leading enzyme based biosensors journals. The journal focuses on the articles of high quality research from all over the world. Research papers submitted on specific research contributes resourceful and impactful platform where research papers, reviews, case reports are updated from grassroots. Biosensors are devices which combine a biochemical recognition element with a physical transducer. There are various types of biosensors, including electrochemical, acoustical, and optical sensors. Enzyme based biosensors, an extremely broad field which impacts on many major industrial sectors such as the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, and agriculture industries as well as environmental monitoring. Biosensors that are based on enzyme inhibition for determination of pollutants and toxic compounds in a wide range of samples are gaining research scope. Different enzymes implicated in the inhibition, different transducers forming the sensing devices, and the different contaminants analyzed are considered for yielding effective enzyme based biosensors. OMICS Group International is an amalgamation of open access distributions and overall worldwide science meetings and occasions. An open access journals list on the OMICS Group website enables browsing of approximately 300 titles based on alphabetical order and the category of subjects. The OMICS International also provides option for translation of open access journals using the appropriate tools. Articles published in Biosensors Journal represent a clear advance over previous studies and has the potential to generate exciting future research. Excellent review process is performed by the editorial board members and peer reviewers through the online system like Editorial Manager System.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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