"Chemical Sciences journal is one of the Leading journals in Enzymes. The Journal aims to provide the highest possible standards of publication by scrutinizing the papers through peer-review assisted by the eminent experts from all parts of the globe. Enzymes are specific biological catalysts and make the most desirable therapeutic agents for the treatment of metabolic diseases. Enzymes are efficient, repeatedly producing the desired product or effect and they can be easily formulated because of their solubility in preparations that are compatible with blood. The advent of recombinant DNA technology and polyethylene gylation technology has raised many hopes to minimize the problems enzyme based therapy and there is an accelerated efforts world wise to develop novel therapeutics. Major potential therapeutic applications of enzymes are in the treatment of cancer and also in neurological disorders. OMICS group Provides Audio version-enhanced feature of website. It provides Language Translation Services. User friendly/feasible website-translation of published paper to more than 50 languages. The language of your interest can be chosen, to read the articles, which enables worldwide communication with researchers in a variety of languages. "
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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