Femto Chemistry

Chemical Sciences journal is among the Top journals in Femto chemistry. The journal is ably supported by internationally well-known Editorial Board Members. Before publishing, the articles are subjected to critical screening by the competent Editorial Board so as to ensure quality and substance of the work.Femtochemistry is the region of physical science that studies chemical reactions on extremely short timescales, pretty nearly 10−15 seconds (one femtosecond, consequently the name). The steps in some reactions occur in the femtosecond timescale and sometimes in attosecond timescales, and will sometimes form intermediate products. These intermediate products cannot always be deduced from observing the starting and end products. Femtochemistry allows investigation of which chemical reactions take place, and investigates why some reactions occur but not others. Many publications have discussed the likelihood of controlling chemical reactions by this method, but this remains divisive. Femtochemistry presents a timely contribution to a field central to the understanding of the dynamics of the chemical bond. Femtochemistry deals with the time resolution of the most elementary motions of atoms during chemical change — bond breaking and bond making — on the femtosecond (10–15 second) time scale.OMICS group provides Digital Book services, Digital articles saves paper, which will continue to offer benefits as the technology evolves Electronic books, because the content of a digital article is delivered electronically to your device, you can listen to your research almost immediately, any time of the day or night.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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