Fish Biology

Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal is a high impact factor journal, published in Open Access by OMICS Group, which deals with fish biology techniques. Artisanal fisheries contribute to sustainable livelihoods of people in several ways accounting for more than 80% of total fish production in Nigeria. Climate change arising from global warming, increasing temperature, stratification and changes in ecosystem processes brings flooding, precipitation, evaporation, run-off and flow with potential serious negative impacts on fish assemblages and productions, fishing activities, fishers catch per unit effort, fish breeding, morphology, resistance to species invasion, wild fish seed supply, fish meal and oil and likelihood of spread of vector-borne diseases. Fishing gears, fishing processing and marketing, fishing periods could be affected and at the extreme total abandonment of artisanal fisheries could occur on account of climate change. Understanding climate change and its impacts on the ecosystem will provide accurate decision, capacity building and adaptive management in tackling the problems as it will provide practical, scientific, technical and socio-economic actions to mitigate the challenges currently and in the future… Mustapha MK, Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Artisanal Fisheries of Nigeria Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal with OMICS Translation Services, play a formative role in developing, creating or rebuilding scientific knowledge invisible across linguistic borders. Authors dealing with Fish biology now have the opportunity to share their valuable research from their native language to English or from English to other world languages including Spanish, French and German. The translation process includes strict review procedures for quality and efficient dissemination of knowledge all over the world.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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