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Immobilization Of Biomolecules

Biosensors Journal is one of the publications of OMICS group with most cited articles on immobilization of biomolecules. The journal presents a comprehensive review of advantages, recent developments, applications and future perspectives of sol-gel immobilized biomolecules, which includes enzymes, antibodies, microorganisms, plant and animal cells. The entrapment of biomolecules within electropolymerized films consists of the application of an appropriate potential to an electrode soaked in an aqueous solution containing monomer and biomolecules. Proteins and nucleic acids must first be immobilized on the gold surface of the quartz crystal. In principle, proteins can be fixed noncovalently onto gold by physical adsorption. However, these surfaces are not stable during prolonged buffer rinses, especially if regeneration procedures are carried out. To sterically assist analyte binding, it is advantageous to couple the receptors to the gold surface via a linker molecule. Bio-immobilization and bio-conjugation is the purposeful manipulation of a biomolecule’s mobility by chemical or physical means to obtain a desired property. Immobilization of biomolecules allows exploiting characteristics of the molecule under controlled environments. OMICS Group International is an amalgamation of Open Access publications and worldwide international science conferences and events. OMICS is established in the year 2007 with the sole aim of making the information on Sciences and technology freely accessed. As a scientific organization, the OMICS International carries the vision to present the authentic free-to-view scientific literature to the scientific community. Archived online transactions of OMICS Group provide the International scientific community with immediate and permanent access to individual papers. OMICS Group accepts online letters from the Editors and brief comments that contribute to the previously published articles or other relevant findings in OMICS field.
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Last date updated on June, 2014