An epitope is a component of an antigen that is recognized by antibody or host system and often called “antigen determinant”. Epitopes are non-self proteins and consist of large amino acid sequences, these sequences either are continuous or discontinuous chains which will offer the binding sites to antibodies. These molecules show high degree specificity in reactions and well-known example for cross-reactivity. Immunome Research Journal offers new trends in Immunology. The journal aims to integrate both conventional immunological aspects and modern computational and Omics applications. It provides new insights in structure predictions of immune systems such as immune Epitopes and receptor molecules. OMICS Group offers Open Access Scientific Reports that committed to providing a streamlined service for both authors and readers, and exists to facilitate the rapid review and publication of research. With the support of an external reviewers and a streamlined review system, all papers are promptly and fairly reviewed to ensure they are scientifically sound.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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