Infectious Diseases

An infectious disease is a sickness that happens when an organism is attacked by a pathogen. Pathogens are too small to see. Some infectious diseases are contagious, which means that the sick plant, animal, or person can get other things sick. The pathogen can get from one organism to another through air, food, water, blood, or physical touch. Clinics in Mother and Child Health under the Open Access category publishes the articles which have their platform of "fetal, neonatal research, and genetics, developmental biology". The contents of the journal issues are diverse, and include seminal and innovational research and review articles. OMICS Group has over 15 million readers and this fame can be attributed to the dedicated editorial board members who provide exceptional services. OMICS Group International Conferences have been recognized worldwide for power pact scientific events. Our events have been acknowledged for the workshops, exhibitions and tradeshows, which have provided a platform for specialists from different divisions to interact and collaborate.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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