Learning And Memory

"International Journal of School and Cognitive psychology (IJSCP) in a broad based journal publishing article sin learning and memory. Journal covers all fields in cognitive psychology which includes Cognition, Neuroscience and neuropsychology etc. IJSCP provides a forum for these investigations in the form of research papers and review articles. Learning and memory are closely interrelated to each other. Advances in neuropsychology have identified regions of brain tissue that are critical for certain types of function. The analysis of anatomical and physiological basis in learning and memory is one of the greatest successes in neuroscience. Studies of synaptic plasticity suggest that some mechanisms of memory formation may resemble those of neural development. It is one of the cruel fact that many diseases that impact brain health, including Alzheimer’s, addiction, depression, traumatic injury, epilepsy and stroke, affect learning and memory and place a staggering burden on society in terms of human suffering and economic impact. OMICS Group International an open access publisher running successfully with almost 700+ peer-reviewed journals in different fields including Clinical, Medical, Engineering, Management groups. OMICS group proudly announces the presence of 35, 000 eminent scientists in Editorial Board of journals and provides many author benefits like Digital Book services, Digital articles saves paper, which will continue to offer benefits as the technology evolves Electronic books. "
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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