Metacognition And Learning

"International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology (IJSCP), addresses on various concepts of cognition providing a good platform for researchers who have common area of interest. IJSCP, proudly announces the support of editorial board members in fast and qualitative peer review process and thus successful publishing of the articles. Cognitive psychology is an interdisciplinary field whose main aim is to study the thinking mechanisms of humans leading to cognizance. Therefore the concept of human cognitive processes envelopes the knowledge related to the mechanisms which determine the way humans acquire information from the environment and utilize their knowledge and experience. Metacognition is of great interest for neuropsychological practice. There is a great difference in the human cognitive functioning at different stages of one's life (from infancy to adulthood). The difference is both quantitative and qualitative. Meta cognition was originally referred to as the knowledge about and regulation of One’s cognitive activities in learning processes. This is the first issue of Metacognition and Learning, a new international journal dedicated to the study of metacognition and all its aspects within a broad context of learning processes. 2nd International conference on Psychology, autism and Alzheimer’s disease organized by OMICS Group, with an aim to bring all researchers, scientists, professors together under one roof. OMICS group International started in the year of 2007, running successfully through its open access publication policy, removing the barriers in distribution of scientific knowledge. "
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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