Molecular Biology

"Undoubtedly, Molecular Biology has played an essential role in the great scientific-technological revolution of recombinant DNA, which has allowed in less than thirty years to push Biology up to its privileged current position as the leading science at the forefront or 21st Century research. The enormous success of Molecular Biology and DNA recombinant technology, along with the emergence of Bioinformatics allowed for the launch of a full battery of genome projects in the nineties leaded by the Human Genome Project. Its goals were reached 15 years in advance of previsions thanks to a big step ahead of available molecular biology technologies allowing for the first time in Biology a true high throughput and high content analysis of data... Miguel Ángel Medina, Molecular Biology... What Molecular (systems) Biology? The Journal of Molecular Biology provides an international platform where students, authors and researchers from different linguistic environments have the opportunity to share their valuable scientific experience from their native language to English or from English to other international languages including French, German and Spanish. We believe that the newly launched OMICS Translation Services is a guarantee for quicker and larger dissemination of molecular biology knowledge worldwide, and a key component for future research."
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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