Muilti Objective Optimization

The Global Journal Technology and optimization (GJTO), is a high quality academic journal focusing on muilti objective optimization, is a peer-review journal established expressly to promote the production of all animal species utilized as food. The journal has an international scope and is intended for professionals in animal production and related sciences. The JAPA solicit contributions from animal production and health specialists in academia, industry, veterinary and environmental health, as well as from specialists in economics, extension, sociology, agric engineering, fisheries and wildlife, minilivestock, livestock farming systems and other disciplines. Multi-objective optimization originally grew out of three areas: economic equilibrium and welfare theories, game theory, and pure mathematics. Optimizing a problem means finding a set of decision variables which satisfies constraints and optimizes simultaneously a vector function. The elements of the vector represent the objective functions of all decision makers. This vector optimization leads to a non-unique solution of the problem. OMICS Group International Conferences attracts reputed world class scientists, researchers, policy makers and students. Research from various prominent institutions reaches these platforms and they are discussed here with a view to promote knowledge dissemination.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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