Neurocognative Disorders

"Journal of psychiatry is one of the Best journals in Neurocognative disorders. It is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal. Journal of psychiatry Focus on pathology and mechanisms of neurological disease. This journal publishes high quality articles that do not require major manuscript revisions.The neurocognitive disorders (NCDs) (referred to in DSM-IV as “Dementia, Delirium, Amnestic, and Other Cognitive Disorders”) begin with delirium, followed by the syndromes of major Neurocognative Disorders, mild Neurocognative Disorders, and their etiological subtypes. The major or mild Neurocognative Disorders subtypes are NCD due to Alzheimer’s disease; vascular Neurocognative Disorders; NCD with Lewy bodies; Neurocognative Disorders due to Parkinson’s disease; front temporal Neurocognative Disorders; Neurocognative Disorders due to traumatic brain injury; Neurocognative Disorders due to HIV infection; substance/medication-induced NCD; Neurocognative Disorders due to Huntington’s disease; Neurocognative Disorders due to prion disease; NCD due to another medical condition; Neurocognative Disorders due to multiple etiologies; and unspecified Neurocognative Disorders. The Neurocognative Disorders category encompasses the group of disorders in which the primary clinical deficit is in cognitive function, and that are acquired rather than developmental. Although cognitive deficits are present in many if not all mental disorders (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar disorders), only disorders whose core features are cognitive are included in the these Disorders category. These Disorders are those in which impaired cognition has not been present since birth or very early life, and thus represents a decline from a previously attained level of functioning. OMICS is devoted to the prompt publication of original findings of the highest scientific priority and value that provide novel mechanistic insights, represent a clear advance over previous Studies and have the potential to generate exciting future research. "
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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