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Organic Chemistry

"Chemical Sciences journal is one of the best Peer- reviewed journals in Organic chemistry. Articles published online undergo stringent and blind peer-review processing. The journal is of interest to researchers in both scientific and industrial institutes, as well as for universities. Organic chemistry is a subject of studying organic compounds, synthesis, structure, performance, application and the related theories. These years, a rapid growth have seen in the organic synthetic processing of both simple and complex molecules, aimed at meeting the needs of society in all aspects of life since successful synthesis of urea in 1828. Many efforts have been devoted to the development of new biologically active compounds, new materials with innovative properties, such as bio-compatibility, new catalysts allowing highly selective transformations, and technologies facilitating the organic chemistry processes, and so on. Organic chemistry is the basis of a series of related industries, and it provides the theory, technology and materials for related disciplines such as materials science, life science, environmental science, etc. “Xiaochen Dong, The Current Trends in Organic Chemistry” OMICS group provides Digital Book services, Digital articles saves paper, which will continue to offer benefits as the technology evolves Electronic books, because the content of a digital article is delivered electronically to your device, you can listen to your research almost immediately, any time of the day or night. "
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Last date updated on June, 2014