Organizational Performance

Arabian journal of business and management review offers Best Peer Reviewed publications on Organizational performance. Journal publishes work of marketing, economics, accounting, finance etc. Journal is one of the best Peer Reviewed journals on Organizational performance studies. This magazine helps the young researchers as a pathfinder by providing cutting-edge research at free of charge. Organizational performance is defined as an analysis of a company performance as compared to goals and objectives. Organizational performance can be managed by using the parameters like financial performance (e.g. shareholder return), social responsibility (e.g. corporate citizenship, community outreach) customer service and employee stewardship. OMICS International strictly adhere to the norms of the scholarly journals with the help of 50,000+ editorial board members, academicians and experts who provide a staunch support for all its publication activities. OMICS Group. is ready to extend their services for the other publication houses that need support. OMICS Group International Journals delivers research in a standard manner through publication management.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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