Psychosocial Rehabilitation

"Journal of Psychiatry is the best Open Access journals in psychosocial rehabilitation. Journal of psychiatry target audience includes psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners and researchers, as well as recipients of mental health and rehabilitation services. Psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) has previously been inconsistently defined in the literature, it is accepted to refer to a combination of occupational, social, educational, behavioral and cognitive interventions aimed at increasing the quality of life of those affected with serious and persistent mental illness Psychosocial rehabilitation interventions have also received increasing attention in line with policies of de-institutionalization and community based care models. The benefits of psychosocial interventions in combination with optimal pharmacological treatments are widely accepted, along with treatment and rehabilitation approaches that are cognisant of the phase of the mental disorder. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that persons with psychotic disorders like schizophrenia who are involved in psychosocial rehabilitation programmes may need lower doses of medication “AL Pillay, AL Kramers-Olen, Psychosocial rehabilitation in a chronic care hospital in South Africa: views of clinical staff ” OMICS is devoted to the prompt publication of original findings of the highest scientific priority and value that provide novel mechanistic insights, represent a clear advance over previous Studies and have the potential to generate exciting future research. "
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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