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Psychotherapy is a type of therapy used to treat emotional problems and mental health conditions. Psychotherapy can help with a number of life's stresses and conflicts that can affect anyone. For example, it may help to resolve conflicts with partner or someone else in life, relieve anxiety or stress due to work or other situations, cope with major life changes, such as divorce, the death of a loved one or the loss of a job, learn to manage unhealthy reactions, such as road rage or passive-aggressive behavior etc. Psychotherapy can be as effective as medications, such as antidepressants. However, depending on specific situation of a person, Psychotherapy alone may not be enough to ease the symptoms of a mental health condition. Medications or other treatments are also required. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience of OMICS International stands among the top journals in Psychotherapy. The journal helps to gather all the relevant information on clinical psychology, behavioral medicine, psychopharmacology and basic medical science.
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Last date updated on June, 2014