International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data Communications of OMICS Publishing Group stands among the top journals on Robot control. Articles describing fundamental developments in the field of robotics, with special emphasis on autonomous systems are published. An important goal of this journal is to extend the state of the art in both symbolic and sensory based robot control and learning in the context of autonomous systems. Robotics has matured as a system integration engineering field defined by M. Bradley as “the intelligent connection of the perception to action”. Robot control has now become an emerging field. Programmable robot manipulators provide the “action” component. A variety of sensors and sensing techniques are available to provide the “perception”. Robot control using visual sensors is gaining much importance in recent times. Visual sensors help robots to identify the surrounding and take appropriate action. Robots analyse the image of the immediate environment imported from the visual sensor. OMICS Publishing Group journals have over 3 million readers with strong editorial board which contains over 30000 eminent personalities that ensure a rapid, quality and quick review process. International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data Communications is one of the top journals of OMICS group which contributes emerging research in the in the field of robotics. As a scientific organization, the OMICS Publishing Group carries the vision to present the authentic free-to-view scientific literature to the scientific community. Archived online transactions of OMICS Group provide the International scientific community with immediate and permanent access to individual papers.

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