Robotics And Mechatronics

The LOVOTICS Journal publishes the high quality academic research contributions on Robotics and Mechatronics, it is included fundamental theory, algorithms and applications for robotic and machine systems. Theoretical and applied kinematics, innovative manipulator design, walking machines, mechanical hands, grasping, fixturing, compliant mechanisms, electro-mechanical systems, and articulated systems ranging from micro- and nanometer dimensions to large scale space structures. Mechatronics is a multidisplinary between mechanical, electronics and computer engineering.The word Mechatronics itself came from "mecha" for Mechanical and "tronics" for electronics. Robotics can be considered as part of Mechatronics as it involves these mechanical, electronics and computer engineering fields. The main difference is inputs are "provided" to mechatronics systems whereas robotics systems "acquire" inputs by their own. OMICS data solutions is proficent at optimal resources utilization.Especially in Ordering Control, Material Management,Production Scheduling and Cost Control,Which are amongst the most concerned area of enterprises.
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Last date updated on July, 2014

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