Robotics Engineering

The journal LOVOTICS is multidisciplinary journal in Robotics Engineering. Lovotics journal refers to the research of human-to-robot romantic relationship. Even though various fields have proposed ideas about the role and function of love, the current understanding about love is still quite limited. Furthermore, developing an affection system similar to that of the human being presents considerable technological challenges. Lovotics should be considered as multi-tasking research field utilizing fundamentals concepts from philosophy, psychology, biology, anthropology, neuroscience, social science, robotics, computer science, engineering and artificial intelligence. Robotics engineering is the division of engineering science and technology of robots. It includes the manufacture, functions, design and structural disposition of robots. Robotics engineering is a sub-field of mechanical engineering. Robotics engineers usually design robots and develop new applications for them to make them functional in a broad range of industries. Robots are used in industries for speeding up the manufacturing process. Robots are also used in variety of fields such as sea-exploration, servicing of transmission electric signals, nuclear science and designing of bio-medical equipments. A qualified robotics engineer can apply his mastery in varied fields such as nano-technology, surgery, modern warfare and space-exploration. In present world robots are replacing humans where conditions are hazardous, tedious and manipulative in industrial units, space ships, atomic plants, mines and deep-sea vessels. The computerization of work through robotics has greatly increased productivity. OMICS Group formed a network by signing agreements with more than 100 international societies and formed a scientific alliances to make healthcare information Open Access. OMICS Group also offers various services like Publication Management, Processing Management, Event Management quality and subscription management to other similar institutions through this network.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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