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Cancer Surgery Volume 2 issue 2 Studies on Colpophtos with Handmade Devices in Early Periods Kazuo Maeda Fluid Mechanics: Open Access Volume 4 Issue 3 The Universal Vector Space and Static Equilibrium Techniques Paul TE Cusack Cosmology Mass and the Super Force Paul TE Cusack Convergence of Physical Mathematics Paul TE Cusack Simulation of Nano Fluid Flow and Natural Convection Heat Transfer inan Incinerator Shaped Cavity Containing a Heated Block Muthuraman Subbiah Focal and Dynamic Parameters of Strong Earthquakes on the Territory ofAzerbaijan for the Period 20052015 Yetirmishli QJ and Sabina Eldar Kazimova RBS Analysis of Zinc Telluride Thin Films by Electron Beam EvaporationTechnique Jayachandran M, Ponsurya P, Abbas ShahulHameed BH and Ayeshamariam A Opinion on Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD Technique Alireza Heidari Bioceramics Development and Applications Volume 7 Issue 1 Influence of Antibiotics on Residual Saliva and Brushing on the Growth ofBacteria on Dental Materials Abu Bakr EBediwi, Ebrahim RH, Sarhan A and Abdeen S An Overview Biological Organisms That Serves as Nanofactories for Metallic Nanoparticles Synthesis and Fungi Being the Most Appropriate Nida Tabassum Khan, Maham Jamil Khan, Jibran Jameel, Namra Jameel and Saad Umer Abdul Rheman Electrical Transport Properties and GammaRay Attenuation Coefficient ofSome Phosphate Glasses Containing ByPass Cement Dust Salem SM, Mostafa AG, Ahmed MA, Yassin OM and Abu Gasser RA Clinics in Mother and Child Health Volume 14, Issue 2 A Systematic Review on Health Interventions Used in Enhancing VaccinationUptake Rosnah Sutan, Chew Cheng Hoon, Suliana Mohamad Shuib, Siti Nor Mat, Yeong May Lu, Massitah Mihat, Norazilah Jamil, Hidayatul Fariha Sulaiman, Sharul Rizan Ilias, Siti Hasmah Ilias, Mohd Normazlan Husain, Syafiq Taib, Gunaseelan Gurusethan, Humadevi Sivasami, Muhammad Naim Mat Salleh, Hamenudin Hamzah, Norzaher Ismail and Ida Dalina Noordin SN2Palmitate Improves Crying and Sleep in Infants Fed Formula withPrebiotics A DoubleBlind Randomized Clinical Trial Fabiana BarYoseph, Yael Lifshitz, Tzafra Cohen, Patrice Malard, Zailing Li, Hong Cui, Aimin Zhang, JingLan Wu and Chundi Xu Contraception among Medical and Paramedical Students in Cotonou Benin in2016 Knowledge and Practices Josiane Angeacuteline Tonato Bagnan, Ogourindeacute Mathieu Ogoudjobi, Megravegnissegrave Segravena H S Lokossou, Sourou C G Houndenou, Achille Awadeacute Afoukou Obossou, Salifou Kabibou, Fanny Maryline Nouessegravewa Hounkponou Ahouingnan, Rachidi Imorou Sidi, Mahublo Vinadou Vodouhe, Moufalilou Aboubakar and Reneacute Xavier Perrin Factors Associated with Treatment Outcomes of Underfive Children with SevereAcute Malnutrition Admitted to Therapeutic Feeding Unit of Yirgalem Hospital Alemneh Kabeta and Gezahegn Bekele Assessment of Knowledge Attitude and Behaviour towards EmergencyContraceptive among Female Students of Fasiledes Preparatory School GondarEthiopia Ketema Bizuwork Gebremedhin, Tesfaye Gebresillassie, Beedemariam Bihone, Tesfaye Demeke and Netsane Habtie Immunome Research Volume 13, Issue 2 Immunoinformatics Prediction of PeptideBased Vaccine Against AfricanHorse Sickness Virus Malaz Abdelbagi, Tarteel Hassan, Mohammed Shihabeldin, Sanaa Bashir, Elkhaleel Ahmed, Elmoez Mohamed, Shawgi Hafiz, Abdah Abdelmonim, Tassneem Hamid, Shimaa Awad, Ahmed Hamdi, Khoubieb Ali and Mohammed A Hassan Prediction and Conservancy Analysis of Multiepitope Based PeptideVaccine Against Merkel Cell Polyomavirus An ImmunoinformaticsApproach Mawadda AbdElraheem AwadElkareem, Soada Ahmed Osman, Hanaa Abdalla Mohamed, Hadeel AbdElrahman Hassan, Ahmed Hamdi Abuharaz, Khoubieb Ali Abdelrahman and Mohamed Ahmed Salih Smad7 as a Target for Immunomodulation Strategy in Inflammatory BowelDiseases Silvia Sedda, Edoardo Troncone, Maria Imeneo and Giovanni Monteleone Serum SH3BP5specific Antibody Level is a Biomarker of Atherosclerosis Hiwasa T,Tomiyoshi G, Nakamura R, Shinmen N, Kuroda H, Kunimatsu M, Mine S, Machida T , Sato E, Takemoto M, Hattori A, Kobayashi K, Kawamura H, Ishibashi R, Yokote K, Kitamura K, Ohno M,Chen PM, Nishi E, Ono K, Kimura T, Takizawa H, Kashiwado K, Kamitsukasa , Wada T, Aotsuka A, Sunami K, Kobayashi E , Yoshida Y, Matsutani T, Iwadate Y, Mori M, Uzawa A, Muto M, Sugimoto K, Kuwabara S, Iwata Y, Kobayashi Y, Terada J, Matsumura T, Sakao S, Tatsumi K, Ito M, Shimada H, Zhang XM, Kimura R, Wang H, Iwase K, Ashino H, Taira A, Arita E, Goto K, Kudo T and Doi H The Structure and Evolution of BetaRhizobial Symbiotic Genes Deducedfrom Their Complete Genomes Zheng JZ, Wang R, Liu RR, Chen JJ, Wei Q, Wu XY, Pang XW, James EK and Liu XY International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology Voume 4, Issue 2 Familiarity Use and Perceived Effectiveness of Evidence Based Practices Among Teachers of Students with Visual Impairment and other Comorbid Conditions Kristi M Probst, Lydia KyeiBlankson Health Promotion in Primary Schools Evaluation of SideEffects on Cognitive and Academic Performance in a Randomized Trial Tamara Wirt, Olivia Wartha and Juumlrgen M Steinacker Multiple Literacies for Individuals who are Blind or with Visual Impairment A Quantitative Comparison on Print Braille and Auditory Literacies Ye Wang, Shariffa Khalid Qais AlSaid and Feifei Ye An Analysis on the Relationship of Thinking and Learning Styles withCommunication Style Aloysius Liliweri International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences Volume 6, Issue 3 Organizational Culture and Organizational Life Cycle Walid El Leithy Exploration of Entrepreneurial Marketing Orientation model among SMEs in Oman Essam Hussain AlLawati The Impact of Organizational Justice on Employee Performance in Public Sector Organization of Pakistan Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Muhammad Rehan, Anum Fatima and Samina Nawab Artificial Intelligence Consumers and Industry Impact Meenakshi Nadimpalli Performance Evaluation of Bangladeshi Mutual Fund An Analysis of Monthly Return Based on Net Asset Value Md Nurul Kabir Biplob Identification of the Strategies of Organizational Brawl Management Houzorri MJ, Sarlak MA, Qorbani A and Abdi A Privileges of Free Trade Factors and Arguments towards Protectionism Azamat Sulaymonov Privatisation Policies Effects on Sudanese Womens Economic Position Limiaa Abdelghafar Khalfalla and Elsadig Musa Ahmed Survey the Relationship between Personality Traits and Job Performance Evaluation System in Education Zeinab Mahdavi Milani Identification of Critical Success Factors for Total Quality Management Implementation in Organizations Rashid Jehangiri Current and Future Outlook of Legal Services Industry Meenakshi Nadimpalli Nigeria Economic Recess versus Wagners Law and Keynesian Proposition Adebayo Adedokun and Clement Olalekan Olaniyi Does Compensation Impact on Employee Engagement Evidence from Telecom Sector of Pakistan Muhammad Imran Hanif and Asma Inayat Relationship between Reputation Perception and Job Pursuit Intention in Private Sector Rab Nawaz Khan Is Students Religiosity Moderating Word of Mouth in Islamic Private Higher Education Eko Handayanto, Tulus Haryono and Hunik Sri Runing Sawitri Strategic Analysis and Strategic Planning for Commercial Banking An Analysis based a Commercial Bank operating in Sri Lanka Navaretnarajah Sanjeepan Flow of Development in World Trade by Core Countries to Semi and Periphery Countries Asma Inayat, Muhammad Hamid Shahbaz, Usman Afzal and Fareeha Zafar An Investigation on Impact Factors that Affect the Business Efficiency of Oil and Gas Enterprises in Vietnam Hoang Tung Organizational Cynicism and its Relationship with Employees Performance in Teaching Hospitals of Pakistan Muhammad Rehan, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Anum Fatima and Samina Nawab Differences between Monopoly and Perfect Competition in Providing Public Transportation Case Study Lane No 10 and 96 of Mashhad Bus System Mahtab Saeedi Manesh and Farhad Karimani Heart Disease Diagnosis Using Data Mining Techniques Ramin Assari, Parham Azimi and Mohammad Reza Taghva Arts and Social Sciences Journal Volume 8, Issue 3 Dynamics of Sectarian Violence in Pakistan Recommendations to thePolicy Makers Asma Khan Mahsood, Muhammad Kamran Evaluating the Contribution of African New Pentecostal IndependentChurches on the Wellbeing of Church Members Case of Zion TempleCelebration Center in Rwanda Felix Rubogora Leadership Challenges for Joint Force Commanders during the Transitionfrom a Highintensity to a Lowintensity Conflict Ole Boe, Johan Bergh, Rino Bandlitz Johansen Who Owns God and Heaven A Critical Analysis of Fundamental Factorsof Religious and Sectarian Extremism Intolerance and Terrorism Yunis Khushin Impact of Mobile Phones TV Commercials on Consumers Behavior Iqbal Ammara Determinants of Project Sustainability beyond Donor Support Case ofCaritas Norway Supported Governance Project in Mansa Diocese Zambia Protazio Lungo M, Johnson Mavole and Otieno Martin Causes and Consequences of Gender Discrimination against Women inQuetta City Rukhshanda Zarar, Muneera Moula Bukhsh, Waheed Akbar Khaskheli ISIS in Pakistan A Critical Analysis of Factors and Implications of ISISRecruitments and Concept of JihadBilNikah Yunis Khushi Analyzing Challenges Associated with the Implementation of CommunityBased Health Insurance CBHI in Rwanda Felix Rubogora Achieving Excellence in Kuwaiti Schools A School Leaders Viewpoint Aldaihani Sultan Ghaleb The Main Principles of Tutoring in Education of Agricultural Laborers inMexico Elena Anatolievna Zhizhko Amnesty Program as a Peacebuilding Initiative in Niger Delta Nigeria byJohn Oghenero Tobor and Festus Odubo John Oghenero Tobor, Festus Odubo Public Art Place Making or Focus on Values Case study ValiAsr StreetTehran Narciss M Sohrabi Impact of Internet on Social Connections in Family System A SurveyStudy of Residents in Lahore Aemen Khalid What is Political Power Theory of Political Consciousness and Integrated Concept of Power Mehdi Shokri International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience Volume 19, Issue 2 Validation of the Tunisian Version of the French Version of the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory2 Revised CSAI2R Including Frequency and Direction Scales Jamel Hajji, Ali Elloumi Barriers to Engagement in Acute and PostAcute Sexual Assault Response Services A PracticeBased Scoping Review Kristy Fitzgerald, Sally Wooler, Dara Petrovic, Jen Crickmore, Kristy Fortnum, Letitcha Hegarty, Chantal Fichera, Pim Kuipers The Impact of Treatment for Juveniles with Sexual Behavior Problems in Reducing Anxiety Depression and Cognitive Distortions Aryssa Washington, Lee A Underwood, Mark Yarhouse, Yolanda Crump, Frances LL Dailey Increasing Depression Awareness in Vulnerable Women An Evidence Based Educational Intervention Daphne Kaye Sharpe Importance of Patients Narrative and Dialogue in Healthcare Jan Sitvast Parent Physical and Mental Health Comorbidity and Adolescent Behavior Lisa M Gargano, Sean Locke, Robert M Brackbill Extending or Extinguishing the Lights From Swarms of Affects toStreams of Affects Saverio Tomasella Clozaril The Miracle Drug What are Doctors So Afraid of Patti Fox Journal of Physical Mathematics Volume 8 Issue 2 Scalar Field Theory for Mass Determination Panicaud B On a Classical Variant of the Vertex Algebra Doikou A Distance and Mass Correction on Logarithmic Metrics for High Zs Dueto the NonCero Angular Momentum in an Isotropic Rotational UniverseHypothesis PonsRullaacuten B Unitary Representations of the Translational Group Acting as LocalDiffeomorphisms of SpaceTime Moffat J, Oniga T and Wang CHT A New Approach to the Quantisation of Paths in SpaceTime Moffat J, Oniga T, and Wang CHT Logic Examination and Arrangement upon the Classical Mechanics andthe Foundation of Natural Science Benluo Y Symmetry Experiment to the Lorentz Transformation Deyssenroth H Ergodic Theory and the Structure of Noncommutative SpaceTime Wang CHT, James Moffat J and Oniga O External Gravity Theory and Gravity Bumps During Eclipses Schroeder P Historical Review on Classical Electromagnetism RationalReconstruction of Formal System Benluo Y Treatments of Probability Potential Function for Nuclear IntegralEquation Matoog RT Gravitational Shocks Shock Waves and Exotic Space Propulsion Murad PA An Implicit and Untested Premise of the Special Theory of Relativity Asokan SP To Find Different Gravity Law Proof Gravity Wave Equations are Realand Generate Gravitational Waves Murad PA Solutions of the UltraRelativistic Euler Equations in Riemann Invariants Abdelrahman MAE and Moaaz O Failure of Mechanical Equipment Due to Welding Imperfections Fandem QA Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications Volume 7, Issue 3 Performance Analysis and Comparison of Different Photovoltaic Modules Technologies under Different Climatic Conditions in Casablanca Elmehdi Karami, Mohamed Rafi, Amine Haibaoui, Abderraouf Ridah, Bouchaib Hartiti and Philippe Thevenin Renewable Energy Driven SmallScale Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems A Survey Christos Spyridon Karavas and George Papadakis Does Nitrogen Treatment Affect Leaf Photosynthetic Traits of Cork Oak Quercus Suber L Populations Kachout SS, Rzigui T, Ennajah A, Baraket M, Baaziz KB, Alibi W and Nasr Z Performance Simulation of TwoBed Adsorption Refrigeration Chiller with Mass Recovery Najeh Ghilen, Slimane Gabsi, Riad Benelmir and Mohammed El Ganaoui Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review Volume 7, Issue 2 Integration and Volatilitys Persistence in Emerging and Developed countries Impulse Responses and Multivariate DCC GARCH Abdelkafi ZS, Khoufi W Factor Affecting Polio Eradication Program in Pakistan Anees Ur Rehman, Imran Sahir, Irfan Yaqoob and Sidra Zulfiqar Financial Performance Evaluation of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited NTPC Anas Khan Nonperforming Loans and Systemic Risk Empirical Evidence to Tunisia and Morocco Saoussen Ouhibi, Salma Ezzeddine and Algia Hammami A Study on Perception of Quality of Work Life and Job Satisfaction Evidence from Saudi Arabia Abdulmonem Hamdan Alzalabani Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications Volume 11, Issue 1 Lie Triple Derivations of the Lie Algebra of Strictly Block UpperTriangular Matrices Ghimire P On the Fundamental Theorem in Arithmetic Progression of Primes Jiang CX Classification of Maximal Subalgebras and Corresponding Reductive Pairsof Lie Algebra of All 2 2 Real Matrices Shtukar U Generalized Lie Theory and AT Math Cusack PTE The Universal Parametric Equation Cusack PTE Classification of 2Dimensional Subalgebras and Corresponding ReductivePairs of Lie Algebra of All Real 2 2 Matrices Shtukar U Generalized Derivations of BiHomLie Algebras Abdelkader BH A Original Solution To The 4 Colours Theorem Delgado JJ Continuous or Discrete Cusack PTE The Boundary Value Problem for Laplacian on Differential Forms and Conformal Einstein Infinity Fischmann M and Somberg P On Poincare Polynomials of Hyperbolic Lie Algebras Gungormez M and Karadayi HR Explicit Calculations of Tensor Product Coefficients for E7 Gungormez M and Karadayi HR Notes on the ChernCharacter Maakestad H Invariant Tensor Product He H Studies of the Regular and Irregular Isorepresentations of the LieSantilli Isotheory Muktibodh AS and Santilli RM Biology and Medicine Volume 9, Issue 3 Ensuring Global Patient Safety by Minimizing MedicationRelated ErrorsWorld Health Organization Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava and Jegadeesh Ramasamy Low Scores in the AutoCompliance Method and Fast Medical Care Influence the Poor Adherence in Diabetics attended in the Basic Health Unit Heverton Alves Peres, Maria Cristina Freitas Foss and Leonardo Reacutegis Leira Pereira The Effects of Prosthetic Treatment on Oral Candidiasis Noriyuki Hoshi, Yusuke Arai, Norishige Kawanishi, Tomonari Kumasaka, Kinya Tanaka and Katsuhiko Kimoto The Blood Banking Controversy How Old is that Red Blood Cell Fabian Pitkin, Sabrina McIntosh, Shelliedene Bennett, Shekam Goss, Michael Richards and Roshique Thompson Generations of Sequencing Technologies From First to Next Generation Mehdi Kchouk, JeanFranccedilois Gibrat and Mourad Elloumi Comparative Effect of Maitake Pro4x with Chemotherapy Breast Cancer Treatment Diego Aguilera Braico, Agustina RoldanDeamicis, Beleacuten Brie2 and Gabriela Andrea Balogh Maternal Vitamin B Deficiency and Epigenetic Changes of Genes Involved in the Alzheimer s Disease Pathogenesis Vanessa Cavalcante da Silva , Leandro Fernandes, Ana Luiza Dias Abdo Agamme, Eduardo Jun Haseyama, Maria Tereza Cartaxo Muniz and Vacircnia DrsquoAlmeida Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine Volume 11, Issue 2 Epitope Imprinting Approach to Monitor Diseases Singh M, Gupta N and Raghuwanshi R The Bimodal Nature of Neurovascular Coupling Slow Tonic and Rapid PhasicResponses are Separately Controlled by Specific Astrocyte Metabotropic andIonotropic Glutamate Receptors Baslow MH and Guilfoyle DN Clinical Genetic and Magnetic Resonance Findings in an Infant Affected byPropionic Acidemia Cheng Y, Yu D, Ning G, Qu H, Zhao F and Guo Y Myoclonic Absences and other Novel Findings in Warburg Micro Syndrome Clinical Report of an Expanding RAB18 Phenotype Mandarano R, Danieli A, De Polo G, Faletra F, Michieletto P, Montanaro D, Martinuzzi A, Handley MT and Bonanni P Comparative Analysis of Intronic Noncoding RNA Genes among Organisms Kondo Y, Hayashi C and Miyazaki S Increased Telomere Length and Improvements in Dysautonomia Qualityof Life and Neck and Back Pain Following Correction of Sagittal CervicalAlignment Using Chiropractic BioPhysics Technique a Case Study Fedorchuk C, Lightstone DF, McCoy M and Harrison DE AdiposeDerived Stem Cells ASC Communicate with Residual Breast CancerCells Reinkens T, Vogt PM and Bucan V A Novel Pathologic Variant in Fabry Disease with Cardiac Hypertrophy as theOnly Manifestation Sarsam L, Arouni AJ, Haddad TM, Onaiwu CO and Erickson CC RAFMEKMAPK Pathway Targeted by Tumor Suppression and Anticancer Therapeutic Agents Zhang X, Zhou J, Li T, Zheng B, He Z and Huang Z Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome in a Baby with 22q 11 Deletion Syndrome Buonuomo PS, Macchiaiolo M, Valeriani M, Gonfiantini MV, Rana I and Bartuli A Vitamin D Status and its Receptor Genes BsmI FokI ApaI TaqI Polymorphism in Relation to Glucose Metabolism in Obese Iraqi Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients AlDarraji SZ, AlAzzawie HF and AlKharsani AR Tissue Requirements and DNA Quality Control for Clinical Targeted NextGeneration Sequencing of FormalinFixed ParaffinEmbedded Samples A MiniReview of Practical Issues Chung MJ, Lin W, Dong L and Li X Etiology Epidemiology and Therapeutic History of Malaria Validate GermTerrain Duality Postulates Thereof Ayoade S The Role of HOX Genes in the Control of Osteogenesis Alfredo P Experience from the First LiveBirth Derived From Oocyte Nuclear Transferas a Treatment Strategy for Mitochondrial Diseases Slone J, Zhang J and Huang T A Retroperitoneal Accessory Spleen Misdiagnosed as Pheochromocytoma in a Patient with Hypertension A Case Report Liu L Structural Cardiac Abnormalities in Children with Congenital Malformationsin Lagos Animasahun BA, Oladimeji OA and Kusimo OY Journal of Psychiatry Volume 20, Issue 3 Anticipation of Social and Monetary Rewards in Schizophrenia Bernd Hanewald, Franziska Behrens, Harald Gruppe, Gebhard Sammer, Bernd Gallhofer, Soeren Krach, Frieder Michel Paulus, Lena Rademacher, Jona Ruben Iffland Chronological Prospective of Behavioral Decision Making A Three Realm Modelfor Cognitive Processing and Behavior Sunil Kumar Hota and Kalpana Kumari Barhwal Effect of Antipsychotic Drugs on Body Composition in Patients AttendingPsychiatry Clinic Jimma Ethiopia Elias Mulat, Andualem Mossie , Alemayehu Negash and Mohammed Ibrahim The MetaGavagai Problem and its Implication to a Psychiatric Diagnosis Sriram Balasubramanian The Effects of Bayan Tabla Timbre on Stimulus Discrimination and Perception ofMusic Emotion in a Dangdut Music Fans Neutral and Haters Group Dwi Atmoko Agung Nugroho SelfInjurious Behavior SIB as a Maladaptive Function of Previous LearningExperience in a Single Female PigTail Macaque Macaca nemestrina Model AHypothesis Dwi Atmoko Agung Nugroho Association among Physical Activity Level and Quality of Life with Mental Healthin Young Individuals Sergio Machado Journal of Neuroinfectious Diseases Volume 8, Issue 2 A Case of Mumps Virus Reinfection Manifesting as Severe Meningitis thatMimicked Tuberculous Meningitis Megumi Nakanishi, Nobuaki Uchida, Ukichiro Kawai, Miki Oono, Michiyo FujitaNakata, Mitsuru Sanada, Shigemi Nagayama and Makoto Matsui Neurosyphilis Presenting with a StrokeLike Syndrome Anda Eilam, Denis Grin, Sarit Avishay and Ronit Gilad Central Nervous System Vasculopathy In Varicella Zoster Virus Infection Tapan Mehta, Ninad Desai and Dimitre Mirtchev Cerebral Aneurysm in Lyme Neuroborreliosis with Regression After Medical Treatment Jonathan Tiu, Richard M Hanson and Robert Staudinger Multidisciplinary Teams in Central Nervous System Infection YanYan Li and Meng Luo Rabies Require Extra Caution in Endemic Areas Prasanna KS Mild EncephalitisEncephalopathy with a Reversible Splenial Lesion Due to Respiratory Syncytial Virus Case Report Sinda Makhlouf, Mariem Messelmani, Ines Bedoui, Malek Mansour, Jamel Zaouali and Ridha Mrissa Tuberculous Meningitis Whats New Sanaz Lolachi, Janssens JP and Dan Adler Dynamic Nature of Cerebral Mycotic Aneurysms Pietro Panni Alzheimers Disease The Novel Finding of Intracellular Biofilms Herbert B Allen, Rina Allawh, Andrew Touati, Christos Katsetos and Suresh G Joshi Cerebrospinal Fluid Neopterin and CXCL13 are Suitable Biomarkers for Staging and Detection of Treatment Failure in a NonHuman Primate Model of Human African Trypanosomiasis Dawn N Maranga, Maina J Ngotho, Victor M Mwadime, Thomas A Adino, John Kagira, Maxwell Waema, George A Omondi, Sylvain Bieacuteler and Joseph M Ndungu Pathogenesis of An Intracranial Mycotic Aneurysm in An Immunocompromised Patient Neelan J Marianayagam, Sagi Harnoff, Shalom Michowiz and Gustavo Rajz HHV6 Encephalitis in Children After Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Lena Oevermann, Peter Lang and Matthias Kumpf Impaired Quality of Life One Year After NeuroChikungunya A BrazilianExperience nbspHugo Andreacute de Lima Martins, Camila Cordeiro dos Santos, Valdenilson Ribeiro Ribas, Carla Cristiane Pereira de Lima, Deyse Cristine da Silva Albuquerque and Marcelo Moraes Valenccedila JBR Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine and Dental Science Volume 5, Issue 2 Mini Review BruxismAn Indication of Temporomandibular Disorder Nida Tabassum Khan Practice and Attitude towards Orthodontic Services by Pedodontists andGeneral Practitioners Akshay G, Anur G, Singh K, Singh T Audiological Diagnostics and Treatment of Craniofacial Abnormalities inCleidocranial Dysplasia CCD TurskaMalinska, MatthewsBrzozowska T, HojanJezierska D, Komar D Periapical Healing of a Mandibular Molar with Middle Mesial Canal A Case Report Stacey M Woo Global Journal of Technology and Optimization Volume 8, Issue 1 Solution of VoltraFredholm IntegroDifferential Equations using Chebyshev Collocation Method Deepmala, Vishnu Narayan Mishra, HR Marasi, H Shabanian, M Nosraty Insoluble Residue Analysis of Limestone in Kolhan Group Tectonic Implications Kasturi Bhattacharyya Clues for age of Kolhan Basin tectonic implications Kasturi Bhattacharyya Cognitive DataDriven Proxy Modeling for Performance Forecasting of WaterfloodingProcess Ehsan Amirian and Zhangxing John Chen Global Transformer Design Optimization GTDO using Harmony Search and FEM Technique Milad Yadollahi and Hamid Lesani Performance of Coal Based Thermal Power Plant at Full Load and Part Loads Umrao OP, Arvind Kumar, Saini VK Journal of Surgery Volume 13, Issue 1 Kummells Disease Case Report of a Delayed Onset Paraparesis andLiterature Review Salvatore DOria, Carlo Delvecchio, Francesco Zizza, Carlo Somma Laparoscopic Right Colectomy from Up to Bottom Radu Moldovanu The Number of 7 Patients Clinical Analysis of Duodenal NeuroendocrineNeoplasms Mohammad Abdul Mazid, Gazi Shahinur Akter, Zheng Hui Ye, XiaoPing Geng, FuBao Liu,YiJun Zhao, FanHuang,Kun Xie,HongChuan Zhao Variations in the Number of Circulating Tumor Cells During the SurgicalSequence for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer DragosViorel Scripcariu, Gabriel Dimofte, Dan Ferariu Fistulas after Low Anterior Resection with TME 536tefan Mor259ra537u, Tudor Frunz259, Alexandru Rotundu, Sorinel Lunc259, Gabriel Dimofte Minimizing Occurrence of Pancreatic Fistula during PancreatoduodenectomyPd Procedure An Update Mohammad Abdul Mazid, Gazi Shahinur Akter , Zheng Hui Ye, XiaoPing Geng, FuBao Liu, YiJun Zhao, FanHuang, Kun Xie, HongChuan Zhao Current Aspects and Survival Statistics Related to Resectability inPancreatic Cancer Dan Timofte, Mihaela Blaj, Florin Petrariu, Lidia Ionescu The Place of Biological Markers to Predict the Response after NeoadjuvantTreatment in Esophageal Cancer Mircea Costache, Bogdan Filip1, Dragos Viorel Scripcariu, Nicolae Danila, Viorel Scripcariu A Rare and Interesting Case of Mediastinal Fibromatosis Taneja V, Tatavarthy S and Gupta A Changes in the Occurrence of Abdominal Complaints in Surgically TreatedPatients due to Cholecystolithiasis Sedlak B, Zaniewski M, Lorenc Z, Krawczyk W, Kowalska M, Graca US and Polasik JK Innovative Energy & Research Volume 6 Issue 1 Userintegrated Innovations in Urban Areas for a Transition towardsSustainability Baedeker C, Liedtke C and Kuumlhlert M Experimental Analysis of Parabolic Trough Concentrating Collector UsingEthylene Glycol Based Mixture Singh H and Mishra RS Investigation of Wind Power Potential over Some Selected Coastal Citiesin Nigeria Udo NA, Oluleye A and Ishola KA Performance Analysis of Concentrated Photovoltaic with Hybrid SolarTracking System Jagtap S and Kumar GK Computer Simulation of Blood Flow with Nanoparticles in a MagneticField as a Third Grade NonNewtonian Through Porous Vessels by FlexPDE Software Akbari N, Ganji DD, Gholinia M and Gholinia S A Computational Dynamic Fluid Analysis of Compressible Flow in PorousMedia Gawusu S, Zhang X, Kolog P Solomon and AbdulWadud A Green Energy Storage The Potential Use of Compressed Liquid CO2 andLarge SubTerrain Cavities to Help Maintain a Constant Electricity Supply Dalgaard JZ Analysis of Solar Heat Gains and Environmental Impact of the PhaseChange Material PCM Wall Subbiah M Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass ComponentsRecent Researchand Future Opportunity Ben H and Ragauskas AJ Study on Measurement Method of Anaerobic Sludge Activity HydrogenProduction Yage Y, Rui X, Jianchang L, Huanyun D, Qiuxia W and Hadi NI Journal of Coastal Zone Management Volume 20 Issue 1 Changes in Sediment Characteristics upon Oyster Reef Restoration NEFlorida USA Melissa W Southwell, Jessica J Veenstra, Charles D Adams, Elizabeth V Scarlett and Kristy B Payne Integrated GIS and AHP for Marine Aquaculture Site Selection in PenghuCove in Taiwan YiChe Shih Coastal Management and Implementation in Taiwan YiChe Shih Journal of Research and Development Volume 5, Issue 1 Variations in Chlorophyll and Carotenoid Contents in Tungro InfectedRice Plants Jabeen A, Kiran TV, Subrahmanyam D, Lakshmi DL, Bhagyanarayana G and Krishnaveni D Survey Classification and Validation of Security Patterns in SDL Aruna ER Lipid Spectrum of Membranes and Lipid Peroxidation and Proteins in the Liver Echinococcosis in Humans Zanginyan H1, Ghazaryan G1, Hovsepyan L1 Perception and Expression of Pain in Patients Attending University ofNigeria Teaching Hospital ItukuOzalla Enugu Stanley N and Chinwe EF International Journal of Biomedical Data Mining Volume 6, Issue 1 Molecular Modeling and Docking Study of 2Nitropropane Dioxygenase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Abid AM1, Ibrahim BS1, Yadav PK1, Arya H1 and Rasool A2 Association Rules Mining and Statistic Test over Multiple Datasets on TCM Drug Pairs Shang E, Duan J, Fan X, Tang Y, Ye L Implementation of Decision Tree Using Hadoop MapReduce Tianyi Yang and Anne Hee Hiong Ngu Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship and Molecular Docking ofPim1 Kinase Inhibitors Rathod H Computational Drug Design and Molecular Dynamic StudiesA Review Maithri G, Manasa B, Vani SS, Narendra A and Harshita T Bioceramics Development and Applications Volume 6 Issue 2 Myanmar Connect 2016 In the Future Even Water Buffalo Will BeOnline Dolly Handerson Identifying the Components of Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesSMEs During the Years of 2003 to 2013 The Conducted Studies in Iranthrough the Method of Content Analysis Fatemeh O, Hossein ME .php?aid=80386 Ceramic Materials An Alternative for Surgical Saws Ijaz Ul M, David S, Ruediger H Calcium Orthophosphates CaPo and Dentistry Sergey V Dorozhkin Cultural Comparison for the Action of Looking At a Mobile Phone DisplayFocusing on IndependentInterdependent Self Takashi Nakamura , Adam 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