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Fluid Mechanics: Open Access Volume 4 Issue 2 Determination of Kelvin Radii and Bulk Hygroscopicity of Volume BasedHygroscopicity for Atmospheric Aerosols Saadu B, Tijjani BI and Galadanci GSM Micro Structural and Optical Properties of Ferrous Selenide Thin Filmsand Its Characterization Segu Sahuban Bathusha NM,Chandra Mohan R,Saravana Kumar S, Ayeshamariam A and Jayachandran M Cusacks Universal Bridge Paul TE Cusack Gravity and Electromagnetism Paul TE Cusack Jocaxians Train Joao Carlos Holland de Barcellos Greens Function for the Heat Equation Abdelgabar Adam Hassan The Termination of Physical Constants in Proton Mass Paul TE Cusack Arts and Social Sciences Journal Volume 8, Issue 2 HighTech Architecture and Its Urban Cultural Historic and EconomicLandscape of the Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo Uruguay Gaston Agudiez Political Awakening and the Religious Fissures in Kashmir Prior to 1947 Rayees Ahmad Bhat The Land of White Conformity Javier Salazar ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor and Its Social Implication on PakistanHow Will CPEC Boost Pakistans Infrastructures and Overcome theChallenges Riaz Ahmad, Hong Mi Mothers Perception Regarding the Influence of Interactive Media onChildrens Cognitive Social Moral Development in Pakistan Aemen Khalid Is Guidance as a Tool for Leadership Communication Effective forMilitary Leaders Ole Boe and Torill Holth Factors Affecting Offfarm Employment of Small Farmers in PeshawarValley Haidar Ali, Malik Muhammad Shafi and Noor Paio Khan Persistent Water Shortage in Kigali City Who are the Most Affected Hilary Clinton and Susan Anthonys Tears Energy via Art Using EffectsBased Thinking as an Alternative Method to Center ofGravity Analysis in the Planning and Execution of Military JointOperations The Effect of Usability and Information Quality on Decision SupportInformation System DSS Comparative Study of Differently Abled Adolescents on VisualImpairment and Physical Deformity on the basis of their Home SocialSchool and Emotional Adjustment Running Head Destructive Leader Behavior in the Norwegian Armed Forces Journal of Physical Mathematics Volume 8 Issue 1 Factor Analysis of Influence of Parameters of Water Regime andHydrological Changes on Pastures Mazurkin PM Inconsistency in the Development of the Lorentz Factor in Section 3 ofOn the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies Makanae M Speakable and Unspeakable in Special Relativity the Ageing of the Twinsin the Paradox Guerra V and Abreu RD The Last Challenge of Modern Physics Michaud A Verifying Einsteins Time by Using the Equation TimeDistanceVelocity Makanae M Solitary Waves for the Modified KortewegDe Vries Equation inDeterministic Case and Random Case Abdelrahman MAE and Sohaly MA Important Discovery of Preferred Velocity of 30000 425 MS of theSolar Motion of the Earth Part 1 Pappas PT, Pappas TP and Pappas LP Convergence and the Grand Unified Theory Cusack P Mathematical Theory of SpaceTime Andreas Bacher Optical Fizeau Experiment with Moving Water is Explained withoutFresnels Hypothesis and Contradicts Special Relativity Journal of Psychiatry Volume 20, Issue 2 Chill as a Side Effect of Atomoxetine Use Case Report Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Among Female Students at Assosa TechinicalPremenstrual Vocational Education Training SchoolAssosa Ethiopia Learning Difficulties and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Behavioural Neurology of Personality Disorders A Bidimensional Model International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience Volume 19, Issue 1 The Evolution of Mental Health Understanding and Practice inUganda Suicide Attempts and the Human Development Index in Brazil 20002014 Criminology Theoretical Investigation on Suicidal Acts Journal of Surgery Volume 13, Issue 1 Laparoscopic Right Colectomy from Up to Bottom Radu Moldovanu The Number of 7 Patients Clinical Analysis of Duodenal NeuroendocrineNeoplasms Mohammad Abdul Mazid, Gazi Shahinur Akter, Zheng Hui Ye, XiaoPing Geng, FuBao Liu,YiJun Zhao, FanHuang,Kun Xie,HongChuan Zhao Variations in the Number of Circulating Tumor Cells During the SurgicalSequence for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer DragosViorel Scripcariu, Gabriel Dimofte, Dan Ferariu Fistulas after Low Anterior Resection with TME tefan Morrau, Tudor Frunz, Alexandru Rotundu, Sorinel Lunc, Gabriel Dimofte Minimizing Occurrence of Pancreatic Fistula during PancreatoduodenectomyPd Procedure An Update Mohammad Abdul Mazid, Gazi Shahinur Akter , Zheng Hui Ye, XiaoPing Geng, FuBao Liu, YiJun Zhao, FanHuang, Kun Xie, HongChuan Zhao Current Aspects and Survival Statistics Related to Resectability inPancreatic Cancer Dan Timofte, Mihaela Blaj, Florin Petrariu, Lidia Ionescu The Place of Biological Markers to Predict the Response after NeoadjuvantTreatment in Esophageal Cancer Mircea Costache, Bogdan Filip1, Dragos Viorel Scripcariu, Nicolae Danila, Viorel Scripcariu A Rare and Interesting Case of Mediastinal Fibromatosis Changes in the Occurrence of Abdominal Complaints in Surgically TreatedPatients due to Cholecystolithiasis Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications Volume 7, Issue 2 Solar Cells Performance Reduction under the Effect of Dust in Jazan Region Solar Radiation Modelling The Latest Version and Capabilities of MRM Assessment of Wind Energy Potential for Small Communities in SouthSouth Nigeria Case Study of Koluama Bayelsa State Small Wind Power Energy Output Prediction in a Complex Zone upon Five Years Experimental Data Energy Demand Based Procedure for Tilt Angle Optimization of Solar Collectors in Developing Countries International Journal of Waste Resources Volume 7, Issue 1 Comparative Assessment of the Environmental Implication of ManagementOptions for Municipal Solid Waste in Nigeria Oyeshola Femi Kofoworola The Role of SubSaharan Africa Countries Households Waste Charges onSustainable Cities Development Felister Mombo, David Bigirwa Climate Change A Personal Observation Oleg Halidullin Seawater Bittern a Precursor for Magnesium Chloride Separation Discussionand Assessment of Case Studies AbdelAal Hussein, Khaled Zohdy and Maha Abdelkreem The Determinant Factors for the Rate of Recycling The Example of UsedLube Oils in Tunisia Lamia Ben Amor and Sami Hammami A Review in Oil Exploration and Production Waste Discharges According toLegislative and Waste Management Practices Perspective in Malaysia Joebenson Francis Lodungi, Danial Bin Alfred, Aishatul Farhan Mohd Khirulthzam, Farrah Frieda Rossa Binti Adnan and Santhia Tellichandran Insitu Phytoremediation of Arsenic from Contaminated Soil Odey Onah Francis, Liu Xiang and Odey Emmanuel Alepu Key Challenges for Transformations Towards a Circular Economy TheStatus Quo in Germany Henning Wilts Characteristics of NdFeB Permanent Magnets Present in ElectronicComponents N Menad and A Seron BioAugmentation A Fantabulous Technology in Waste Water Treatment Maulin P Shah Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine Volume 11, Issue 1 Significance of De novo DonorSpecific AntiHLA Antibodies in RenalTransplantation A Single Center Experience Significance of the Difference in the Size of Liver Tumors in the Managementof Patients with Colorectal Liver Metastases Colon Cancer and Immunotherapy CD40 Ligand as a Potential TherapeuticTarget Inverted Palmaris Longus Accessory Muscle A Case Report Genomics Epigenetics and Molecular Considerations in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma What You Need to Know Gene Therapy of Parkinsons Disease Morphologic Immunohistochemical and Molecular Analyses of a Huge Clear Cell Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma Clinical and Genetic Analysis of EarlyOnset Alzheimers Disease in TwoChinese Han Families with Presenilin1 Mutations Translational Stem Cell ResearchA Marriage of Hope and Hype Patent Profiling for Nano Enabled Drug Delivery The Role of Endobronchial Ultrasound Guided Transbronchial NeedleAspiration Specimens for Next Generation Sequencing in NonSmall CellLung Cancer A Clinical Perspective The Effect of MicroRNAs on Cancer Cell Circulating MicroRNAs as Novel Disease Biomarkers Can They be Applied inDaily Clinical Practice Effect of Melatonin and Chromium Picolinate Administration to HighCarbohydrate DietFed Male Wistar Rats Health Awareness Among Tribes of Rural India Clinical Relevance of Molecular Diagnosis in Patients with CongenitalHypothyroidism Biology and Medicine Volume 9, Issue 2 SuccessFailure of the Carotid Bodys Control of the Organisms Internal Environment Robert S Fitzgerald Neural Tissues Filter Electromagnetic Fields Investigating Regional Processing of Induced Current in Ex vivo Brain Specimens Whole Gene Sequencing Based Screening Approach to Detect Thalassemia Mutations Expression of mRNA for IL22 Binding Protein in the Broncheoalveolar Fluid after Inhaled Allergen Challenge in Subjects with Asthma Coexistence of Mature Cystic Teratoma and Endometrioma in an Ovarian Cyst Barretained Toothsupported Maxillary OverdentureA Case Report Evaluation and Comparison of Surface Roughness Levels Surface Wettability and Surface Configuration of Commercially Pure Titanium Surface Evaluation of Impact and Flexural Strength of Conventional Heat Cure Polymethyl Methacrylate Resin and High Impact Geographical Dispersion Pattern of Northern Zagrous Parts in Islam Abad Gharb and Introduction of Biological Shapes Related to Them Preclinical Anemia Panel Studies of Makardhvaja after Chronic Administration to Male SpragueDawley Rats Evaluation of Four Different Denture Cleansers on Tea Stain Removal from Heat Cure Clear Acrylic Resin SpecimensAn In Vivo Study Full Mouth Rehabilitation of a Patient with Immediate Extraction Immediate Implant Placement and Immediate LoadingA Case Report Study of Bridges between Natural Teeth and Implants during Chewing of Food Bolus Insilco Modeling of Commonly Occurring Genetic Polymorphism of Human CYP3A4 on the Binding Affinity to UR144 Optimization of Computer Tomography Reconstruction Parameters using Additive Manufacturing Clinics in Mother and Child Health Volume 14, Issue 1 Family Planning Service Utilization and Its Associated Factors among MarriedWomen in BenchiMaji Zone Southwest Ethiopia CommunityBased CrosssectionalStudy Prevalence of Exclusive Breastfeeding and its Predictors among mothers inMicheweni ChakeChake and North A districts Zanzibar Assessment of Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness among PregnantMothers Attending Ante Natal Care Service in MizanTepi University TeachingHospital South West Ethiopia Severe Anemia from Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Requires Heightened Attention Inborn Errors of Metabolism as Mimickers of Pediatric NeuropsychiatricDisorders Phenylketonuria as an Example International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data Communications Volume 5, Issue 4 Comparative Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network Ramkrishna Ghosh Bifurcation Behavior of a Capacitive MicroBeam Suspended between Two Conductive Plates Azizi A, Mobki H, Rezazadeh G Journal of Coastal Zone Management Volume 20 Issue 1 Changes in Sediment Characteristics upon Oyster Reef Restoration NEFlorida USA Melissa W Southwell, Jessica J Veenstra, Charles D Adams, Elizabeth V Scarlett and Kristy B Payne Integrated GIS and AHP for Marine Aquaculture Site Selection in PenghuCove in Taiwan YiChe Shih Coastal Management and Implementation in Taiwan YiChe Shih Journal of Research and Development Volume 5, Issue 1 Variations in Chlorophyll and Carotenoid Contents in Tungro InfectedRice Plants Survey Classification and Validation of Security Patterns in SDL Lipid Spectrum of Membranes and Lipid Peroxidation and Proteins in the Liver Echinococcosis in Humans Perception and Expression of Pain in Patients Attending University ofNigeria Teaching Hospital ItukuOzalla Enugu Stanley N and Chinwe EF Cancer Surgery Volume 2 Issue 1 Protein Tyrosine PhosphataseProspective Target against Cancer A Mini Review Kanagarethinam S, Pooja Mahapatra, Neetu Jabalia and Nidhee Chaudhary Giant Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor with Double Bowel Obstruction Diagnostic and Therapeutic ChallengesCase Report Gnangnon Freddy Houehanou Rodrigue, Imorou Souaibou Yacoubou, et al ReExaminationsA High Cost AffairCommentary on Music Does Not Alter Anxiety inPatients with Suspected Lung Cancer Undergoing Bronchoscopy A Randomised Controlled Trial European Clinical Respiratory Journal Jeppesen E, Pedersen CM,nbsp Larsen KR and Backer V Impact of Total Mesorectal Excision on Bladder and Sexual Function inRectal Cancer Mohammad Sultan Dar, Fazl Qadir Parray, Arif Hamid Bhat, Nisar Ahmed Chowdri, and Mohd Lateef Wani Neonatal and Pediatric Medicine Volume 2, issue 2 Clinicoepidemiological Profile and Predictors of Mortality in LBW BabiesA Hospital Based Observational Study Ishtiyaq Q, Aijaz AM and Qazi I Anemia in Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets Elidrissy ATH and Atif AMS The Outcome of Blood Cultures in Febrile Children Presenting at theEmergency Department Khalil Salameh, Awean GZ, Alkume N and Abdussalam Shah AK Giant Choledochal Cysts in a 2 Year Old Child Aida D, Rabia Ben A, Malak B, Habib B, Youssef H, Youssef G and Nejib K Congenital Mucocele of Tongue A Rare Cause of Acute RespiratoryDistress Williams J Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ARDS in Preterm Infants withSevere Fetal Anemia 2 Case Reports and Review of Literature Bensouda B AntiHyperlipidemia Activity on Neonates and Perinatals Hemanth Swaroop U International Journal of Biomedical Data Mining Volume 6, Issue 1 Molecular Modeling and Docking Study of 2Nitropropane Dioxygenase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Association Rules Mining and Statistic Test over Multiple Datasets on TCM Drug Pairs Implementation of Decision Tree Using Hadoop MapReduce Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship and Molecular Docking ofPim1 Kinase Inhibitors Rathod H Computational Drug Design and Molecular Dynamic StudiesA Review Maithri G, Manasa B, Vani SS, Narendra A and Harshita T Journal of Forensic Biomechanics Volume 8, Issue 1 Review Principles of Geographical Profiling Injury Mechanisms of Aortic Ruptures to Vehicle Occupants and Vulnerable Road Users An InDepthInvestigation over Time DNA Fingerprints Advances in their Forensic Analysis Using Nanotechnology Mahima Kaushik, Swati Mahendru, Swati Chaudhary and Shrikant Kukreti Bioceramics Development and Applications Volume 6 Issue 2 Myanmar Connect 2016 In the Future Even Water Buffalo Will BeOnline Dolly Handerson Identifying the Components of Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesSMEs During the Years of 2003 to 2013 The Conducted Studies in Iranthrough the Method of Content Analysis Fatemeh O, Hossein ME .php?aid=80386 Ceramic Materials An Alternative for Surgical Saws Ijaz Ul M, David S, Ruediger H Calcium Orthophosphates CaPo and Dentistry Sergey V Dorozhkin Cultural Comparison for the Action of Looking At a Mobile Phone DisplayFocusing on IndependentInterdependent Self Takashi Nakamura , Adam Acar, Mark Ng Photobactericidal Properties of Hydroxyapatite Implant Surface Coating Maklygina Yu S, Sharova AS, Kundu B, Balla VK, Steiner R and Loschenov VB Journal of Biomedical Systems & Emerging Technologies Volume 3, Issue 2 Artificial Intelligence and Neurology Epidemiology of Fatal Electrocutions in Japan 1992 to 1996 Norimitsu Ichikawa Test Methods for Measuring the Electrical Output of ElectroshockWeapons Nicholas G Paulter, David Jenkins, Norimitsu Ichikawa, Michael Leonesio Innovative Energy & Research Volume 5 Issue 2 Analysis of Various Methodologies for Solar Power Generation Applicableto Meet the Energy Demand of Developing Country like India Vyas A and Panchal K Analytical and Numerical Study to Nonlinear Heat Transfer Equation inStrait Fin Akbari N, Ganji DD, Gholinia M and Gholinia S Towards a Postcarbon Future Benchmarking of 10 European Case StudyCities Selada C, Silva C, Almeida AL and Guerreiro D Analysis of Temperature Distribution through Rectangular Convective FinUsing Analytical Methods Mokhtarpour K and Ganji DD FunctionalizedGraphenePolyaniline Nanocomposites as ProficientEnergy Storage Material An Overview Dipanwita Majumdar Thermodynamic Parameters for the Solubility of Hydrogen in TantalumAluminium Alloys Taxak M, Kumar S and Krishnamurthy N A Novel Development for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells SolidstateElectrolytes without the Use of a Clean Room Santhaveesuk S, Santhaveesuk T and Kahattha C Analytical and Numerical Method in the Free Convection Flow of PureWater NonNewtonian Nano fluid between Two Parallel PerpendicularFlat Plates Gholinia M, Ganji DD, Poorfallah M and Gholinia S Potential Future Directions for Achieving Low Cost Cellulosic Ethanol Bhagia S and Ragauskas AJ Exploring the Potentials of Asphalt Solar Collectors in Hot HumidClimates Khoja AO and Waheeb SA Solid Waste Management in BengaluruCurrent Scenario and FutureChallenges Naveen BP and Sivapullaiah PV On the Future of LigninDerived Materials Chemicals and Energy Wells T and Ragauskas AJ Biosensors Journal Volume 5, Issue 2 Insulinotropic Effect of Herbal Drugs for Management of DiabetesMellitus A Congregational Approach Mohammad Nazrul Islam 2090-4967-1000141.php?aid=84366 Developmental Strategies of Herbal Medicine in the Scientific WorldResearch Based Approaches Mohammad Nazrul Islam Transformational Dosage form Can Change the Scenario of HerbalMedicine in the World A Research Based Scientific Approach Mohammad Nazrul Islam Journal of Biomusical Engineering Volume 4, Issue 2 Musical Improvisation and Brain Correlates An EEG Based NeurocognitiveStudy Using Hindustani Music Josquin Des Prez and His Erotic Cricket Guillaume Dufay and the World of the Bees Benefits of Using Music Therapy in Mental Disorders Montaacutenchez Torres ML, Juaacuterez Ramos V, Martiacutenez Suaacuterez PC, Alonso Garciacutea S and Torres Mendoza M International Journal of Accounting Research Volume 5 Issue 1 Sustainable Development through Effective Tax Governance Debt Contracting and Conditional Accounting Conservatism Management Accounting and the Shortcomings of Current PerformanceMeasurement Systems Brazilian Public Accounting Integrative Review Lourdes Souza M, Moreira Souza SCS, Molinari M, Ramos A, Velloso BP Design Budgeting Model with Approach of Soft Systems Methodology in the Manufacturer of Spare Parts for Cars Nasab SS, Motezakery R The Prediction of Earnings Movements Using Accounting Data Using XBRL Amos Baranes, Rimona Palas Dynamics of Scaling Firms and their Contributions for Social and Economic Transformation Habtamu Getnet Altasseb Empirical Research on Rate of Return Interest Rate and Mudharabah Deposit Inten Meutia Does Corporate Governance Matter Evidence from New Chinese Corporate Governance Disclosures Huili Zhang, Huan Dou, Minghua Gao, Zabihollah Rezaee Accounting Factors Affecting the Capital Structure in the Asian Economic Community Matthias Nnadi Foreign Education Entrepreneurship and Skills Development in Nigeria Implications for Accounting Education Matthias Nnadi Create a holistic performance learning system that incorporates the balance between various dimensions of performance in Kuwait Payal chadha Moderating Influence of Board Diversity and Directors Compensation on Corporate Governance Structure and Financial Performance of the companies listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange Veronica Nyatichi Impact of Global Economic and Financial Crisis on Micro Small andMedium Enterprises in Tamil Nadu A longitudinal analysis Velmurugan P Journal of Advanced Chemical Engineering Volume 6, Issue 2 Nanotechnology in Preparation of Semipermeable Polymers Single Gas Permeation on Alumina Ceramic Support Mohammed Nasir Kajama, Habiba Shehu, Edidiong Okon and Ify Orakwe Studies on Swelling and Absorption Properties of the IrradiatedPolyvinyl Alcohol PVAKappaCarrageenan Blend Hydrogels MD Tariqul Islam,, NC Dafader, Pinku Poddar, Noor MD Shahriar Khan and AM Sarwaruddin Chowdhury Preparation of Aluminum Oxide from Industrial Waste Can Available inBangladesh Environment SEM and EDX Analysis Tushar Chandra Shil, Pinku Poddar, ABM Wahid Murad, AJM Tahuran Neger and AM Sarwaruddin Chowdhury Antimicrobial Activity of Bimetallic CuPd Nanofluids Aashit Kumar Jaiswal, Mayank Gangwar, Gopal Nath and RR Yadav Study of the Selectivity of Methane over Carbon Dioxide Using CompositeInorganic Membranes for Natural Gas Processing Habiba Shehu, Edidiong Okon, Ifeyinwa Orakwe and Edward Gobina Statistical Optimization Kinetic and Isotherm Studies on SelectiveAdsorption of Silver and Gold Cyanocomplexes Using AminoguanidylChitosan Imprinted Polymers Ahamed MEH, Marjanovic L and Mbianda XY1 Thermal Properties of PolyurethanePolyisocyanurate PURPIR FoamsModified with Tris5Hydroxypenthyl Citrate Joanna Liszkowska, Bogusaw Czupryski and Joanna PaciorekSadowska Evaluation and Characterisation of Composite Mesoporous Membrane forLactic Acid and Ethanol Esterification Edidiong Okon, Habiba Shehu and Edward Gobina JBR Journal of Clinical Diagnosis and Research Volume 4 Issue 1 Malignant Orofacial Swelling in 4 Year Old Girl Amitabh Singh, Anirban Mandal and Rachna Seth Clinical Findings and Management of Imported Cutaneous LeishmaniasisPresentation of 8 Cases from Poland with a Review of Current Knowledgeabout Leishmaniasis Anna Kuna, Michal Gajewski, Waclaw L Nahorski, Romuald Olszanski, Joanna Stanczak, Beata Szostakowska, Krystyna WitczakMalinowska and Wojciech Marusza Chronological Change of the Serum IgAC3 Ratio Indicates the Efficacy ofTonsillectomy for IgA Nephropathy Yoshio Shimizu, Takashi Kobayashi, Hitoshi Suzuki, Yusuke Suzuki, Satoshi Horikoshi and Yasuhiko Tomino, GranulocyteMacrophage ColonyStimulating Factor Partially Restores TollLikeReceptorMediated Functional Responses of Monocytes in Septic Shock Bauer SB, Pietropaoli AP, Georas SN and Williams MA Detection of High Prevalence of TEMSHVCTXM Genes in ESBL Producingand Multidrug Resistant Klebsiella Pneumoniae and Klebsiella Oxytoca Diagbouga S, Salah F D, Sadji A Y, Dabire A M, Nadembega C, Kere A B, Soubeiga S T, Ouattara A K, Zohoncon T, Belemgnegre M, Karou S, and Simpore J Treatment of a Young Permanent Maxillary First Molar with Two Palatal Roots Tao N, Mei Y, Zhou H and Yang Y The Cardiac Mass Is it A Thrombus Tumor or Vegetation Take it in the Context of the Disease Harlequin Syndrome Sweating in One Side of the Body Bhattacharya SK Reproductive Genetics Ashutosh Halder Electrognathographic Analysis of Jaw Movements during Speech AnExploratory Study de Carvalho KHT, Junqueira Zuim PR, dos Santos DM, de Caxias FP, Goiato MC and Filho HG Association of Dental Caries and Obesity with Television Viewing Practicesamong School Children of Moradabad City Ravishankar TL, Aastha Malik, Amit Tirth and Vaibhav Tandon EventRelated Potentials in the Continuum of Alzheimers Disease Would they Suit recent Guidelines for Preclinical Assessment Scally B, Calderon PL, Anghinah R and Parra MA Traumatic Abdominal Wall HerniaA Rare Case Managed with Preperitoneal Mesh Placement Using Stoppa Technique Satpal Hans, Manjit Singh Khalsa, NIrmal Singh, Anoop Handa and Amiy Arnav Lovotics Volume 3 Issue 1 BeRobot The Robotic Scientific Education Development Kits Sean C Designing Humanoid Robots with Novel Roles and Social Abilities Maya Dimitrova and Hiroaki Wagatsuma Robot Sex Ethics and Morality Vic Grout The Prospective Benefits of Using Advanced Computer BasedManagement Systems for Running Remote Construction Projects TwoSaudi Case Studies Examined Bhzad Sidawi Volume 1, Issue 1 Arteriovenous Fistulae and Cardiovascular Function The Relationshipbetween Brain Naturetic Peptide Cardiac Index and Access Flow Emma Aitken and David K Intense Prolonged Hypocalcemia and Hyperparathyroidism afterDenosumab in Hemodialysis Patients in Response to the Published Article MartinGomez MA, Martinez de la Plata E, Hidalgo Rico MA, Palacios Gomez ME and GarciaMarcos S Oxidative Stress A Comparison of Different Groups of Patients withHepatitisC in Hemodialysis Units Naylecirc Maria OS, Ana Cristina K, VidalesBraz BM, Machado dos Santos D, Martinez EP and Martinez AMB Administration of Alpha1 Antitrypsin in Haemodialysis MartinGomez MA, Martinez de la Plata E, Hidalgo Rico MA, Palacios Gomez ME and GarciaMarcos S Mean Platelet Volume Measurements Affecting Evaluation of Parametersin Dialysis Patients Nilgul Akalin, Mehmet Koroglu, Selcuk Sezikli, Senol Senturk and Murat Asik International Journal of Advance Innovations, Thoughts & Ideas Volume 3, Issue 1 What is Happening to Electronic Engineer Dorel Picovici Structures and Biosynthesis of Enediyne Natural Products Rui Ji1, Fuli Liu2, Lingbin Meng and Xiaolei Chen Neuroprotective Effects of Pituitary Adenylate CyclaseActivating Polypeptide Rui Ji, Lingbin Meng and Rongqiang Yang Role of IL6 and TNF in Hippocampal Neurogenesis of TAM Triple KnockoutMice Lingbin Meng, Xin Jiang and Rui Ji New View of Neutrino Nature Lepekhin FG Optical Manipulation of Biological Matter New Results Ideas and Innovative Thoughts A Review Sorin Comorosan The Alternative Hypothesis of the Luminosity of the Sun Lepekhin FG Journal of Biomimetics Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Volume 18 Issue 2 Transvaginal Ultrasoundguided Ovum PickupOPU in Cattle Meiyu Qi, Yuchang Yao, Hong Ma, Jiabo Wang, Xiaochuan Zhao, Li Liu, Xiaodong Tang, Lili Zhang, Shengli Zhang and Fang Sun miR143 is Associated with ER94536 Expression Gastric Carcinoma of Xenografted Model Feng Z, Shangkun Z, Yan L, Ying C, Lijiang L Quantitative Fit Analysis of Orthopedic Bone Plates Methods Criteria and Approach Harith H, Malekani J, Schmutz B, Schuetz M, Yarlagadda PKDV Study on Catalytic Ozone Oxidation with NanoTiO2 Modified Membrane for Treatment of Municipal Wastewater Zhu Y, Zhang H, Zhang X Study on Antioxidant Activity of Typhonium giganteum Engl Tuber Extracts in vitro and in vivo Song Y, Bao W,Li B,Yang G,Pang A Hybrid CnnRf Method for Electron Microscopy Images Segmentation Cao G, Wang S, Wei B, Yin Y, Yang G Development and Characterization of Thermosensitive Polymer CoatedIron Oxide Nanoparticles as a Novel Ferrofluid Ali Ramazani, Nasser Arsalani, Hanie Khaksar Khiabani and Amir Mohammad Goganian Effect of the Storage Temperatures on BRLencapsulatedalginatePLOalginateAPornA Microcapsules YuanGang Liu, Yan Bai, ShiBin Wang, AiZheng Chen and WenGuo Wu