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Immunome Research Volume 13, Issue 1 The Prevalence and Clinical Significance of Iga AntiPhosphatidylserineProthrombin Antibodies in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases Polona igon, Alescaron Ambroi, Polonca Mali, Matija Tomscaroni, Snena Sodin Scaronemrl and Sascarona unik The Role of Natural Killer Receptors in Celiac Disease Irene Marafini, Maria Grazia Imeneo and Giovanni Monteleone The Control of Apoptotic Death in the Cells of GranulomatousInflammatory Lesions from Mice with Latent Tuberculous Infection in theEx Vivo Model Elena Ufimtseva Identification of the Immunological Profile in Some Egyptian Children with Thalassaemia Major Under Different Treatment Modalities in El Minia Region Mahmoud SS, Mohamed GB, Hakeem GLA, Higazi AM, Nafady AAH, Farag NM, Mahrous DM, Kamal NN, Hassan Z, Aziz EA and Shaban A JBR Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine and Dental Science Volume 5, Issue 1 Carbondioxide Laser in the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia A Preliminary Study Somchai Sessirisombat Two Implants in a Severely Resorbed Mandible A Case Report of Early Loading Carmen Loacutepez Carriches International Journal of Waste Resources Volume 6, Issue 4 Comparison of UV Concentration Geometries as an Element Capable forthe Increment of the Photocatalytic Efficiency of Advanced OxidationProcesses Inside the Annular Batch Systems Tonahtiuh Rendon, Fernando Hernandez and Juan Castillo Analysis on the Appropriate Model of a CommunityBased WasteManagement Case of Rural Area in Karang Joang Village BalikpapanIndonesia Indriyani Rachman, Yonik Meilawati Yustiani, Slamet Raharjo and Toru Matsumoto4 Used Oil Utilization for Lime Production as Hazardous WasteMinimization Arif Susanto, Roro N Wulan and Edi K Putro The Role of Labelling of Chemical Substances Contents in RecyclingPromotion Japanese Case Mizue Kama and Toshikazu Shiratori Application of Cellulosic Biomass for Removal of Cationic Dye Rhodamine6G from Aqueous Solutions Alizadeh A, Parizanganeh A, Yaftian MR and Zamani A Chemical Treatment Process and Reuse of OilyWaters arising fromPetroleum Field of HBKAlgeria Sellami MH , Benhabireche F and Frouhat H Review on Chicken Feather Fiber CFF a Livestock Waste in CompositeMaterial Development Bansal G and Singh VK Fermentation of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus Wastes usingLactobacillus plantarum for the Production of Lactic Acid and Fertilizer Ibrahim Abdallah Ibrahim Abdulgawad Arts and Social Sciences Journal Volume 8, Issue 1 Is it Possible to Assess an Organizations Preparedness for theUnforeseen Development and Evaluation of a Methodology Magnhild Kaarstad and GlennEgil Torgersen Effects of Interethnic Conflicts on Rural PeopleLivelihoods in Kenya Case of Kenyenya and Rongo SubCounties in the Lake Victoria Basin Masaka OW, Ratemo DM and Ongaga E SocioDemographic Factors Associated with Awareness of Mortgage Plansin Langas Suburb Uasin Gishu County A Cross Sectional Study Koech J, Korir B, Rutto D, Koech S, Kimeli V, Cheptoo B and Kimani E Book Review on Sabara Tribe in Indian History Reeta R Enhancing the Leadership Communication Skills of Norwegian Military Officers Torill Holth and Ole Boe Institutional Analysis on National Program for Community Empowermentof Independent Urban PNPMMP for Poverty Reduction Noor Munawar Assessing the Need of Modern Education in Madrassa System A Lahore Case Ubair Anjum Trends in Pansori Studies 1990s Onwards Choi S and Lee HH An Environmental Study of Azerbaijan in the Late BronzeEarly Iron AgeBased on Archaeological Data Khalilov T, Mirzaei M and Alizadeh N American Voters The Dumb the Disinformed and Disillusioned John Glynn Disaster Management and FaithBased Organizations An Islamic Perspective Bouafia M and Zahari RK Domestic Resource Mobilization in Ethiopia An Assessment on WaterResources Mobilization Endalcachew Bayeh Layarkan Ships in Dew Sepilihan Pantun Minangkabau Iqbal U The Emergence and History of the Gentlewomen of the Bar into theLegal Profession in the South West Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria Henry AN and Evarista AF Economic Informal Sector and the Perspective of Informal Workers in India Bhat JA and Yadav P The Uxoricide Legend of the Sultan and his European Wife in ElizabethanDrama Fahd Mohammed Taleb Saeed AlOlaqi Journal of Surgery Volume 12, Issue 4 Free Vascularized Fibular Bone Graft a Reliable Method for theManagement of Large Skeletal Defects in Orthopaedic Trauma Alexa O, Pertea M, Puha B, Popescu D, Gheorghevici S and Veliceasa B Acute Abdomen due to Migration of Esophageal Stent Sapalidis K, Triantafyllou E, Partsanakis E, Gavriiloglou G, Strati TitikaM, Michalopoulos N and Kesisoglou I Is it Possible to Perform Lymphaticovenular Anastomosis afterLiposuction for Lymphedema Wei F Chen Reconstruction of ZygomaticoOrbital Post Gunshot Defect Case Report Anna Yu Poghosyan, Rafik G Shahparonyan, Tigran S Afyan and Grigori K Manucharyan Abdominal Pressure Variations and Degree of Myorelaxation During ExtraAbdominal Surgery Murean M, Murean S, Popescu G, Sala D, Brinzaniuc K and Neagoe R Evaluation of Serum of Breast Cancer Patients using High ResolutionMagic Angle Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy HRMAS ASearch for Possible Biomarker Kumar S, Ahmed F, Sonkar AA, Saroj JK, Parihaar A, Singhai A and Singh VK The Study of Facet Tropism in Lumbar Vertebral Column Lotfinia I and Imani MT Surgical Apgar Score Predictor of PostEmergency Abdominal SurgeryOutcome Shameem Unnisa Shaikh and Md Jawed Akther A Retrospective Observational Study for the Evaluation of LaparoscopicRouxenY Gastric Bypass and Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy forthe Treatment of Morbid Obesity in Security Forces Hospital ProgramDammam SFHPD KSA Raheel A, Alghamdi HM, Basher A, Jabeen N and Mudassir ZS Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications Volume 7, Issue 1 Exergetic Analysis of La RumorosaI Wind Farm Rafael Carlos ReynagaLoacutepez, Alejandro Lambert, Oscar Jaramillo, Marlene Zamora and Elia Leyva An Appropriate Extreme Value Distribution for the Annual Extreme Gust Winds Speed Banafsheh Abolpour, Bahador Abolpour, Hosein Bakhshi and Mohsen Yaghobi Experimental Study on Structural Optical and Electrical Properties of Chemical Bath Deposited CdZnS Thin Films Sabbir Akhanda, Rummana Matin, Muhammad Shahriar Bashar, Abu Kowsar, Mashudur Rahaman and Zahid Hasan Mahmood Control of Wave Energy Converters for Maximum Power Absorption with Time Domain Analysis Fuat Kara Respiratory System of Rats Exposed to Pollutants arising out of Heating Residual Glycerol Daniel Silveira Serra, Kaio Bruno Pereira De Brito, Kelly Lima Oliveira, Mona Lisa Moura de Oliveira and Francisco Sales Aacutevila Cavalcante Journal of Psychiatry Volume 20, Issue 1 What were You Thinking Susan Harter Further Progress in the Etiopathology of Depressive Disorder Wei Wang and Bingren Zhang The Hypodermoclysis Comfortable Way to Rehydration in Patients with EndStageDementia Luzny Jan Geriatric Depression in Ethiopia Prevalence and Associated Factors Mulugeta Girma, Million Hailu , Dr Asfaw Wakwoya, Zegeye Yohannis and Jemal Ebrahim The GCTOFMS based Serum Metabolomics in Rats with Depressionlike Behaviorafter Exposure and Reexposure to Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress Zhiguo Li, Shuguang Yang , Changqiang Zhu, Jianhua Chen, Xinghua Ding , Yong Liu , Liang Jiao , Fangting Dong and Shaojun Liu The Role of Psychiatric Drugs and their MinimalMedication Alternatives in theTreatment of Schizophrenia Megan Buoey Factors Associated with Anxiety Disorder among ART Clients attendingAntiretroviral Therapy Clinic at Hawassa University Referral Hospital HawassaSNNPR Ethiopia Asres Bedaso, Dayanand Belagavi, Gezahegn Bekele and Nibretie Mekonnen Does Disclosure of HIVAIDS Status to Children with HIVAIDS Affect theirMental Health Mary Oluwatosin Adefalu, Mosunmola Florence, TundeAyinmode, Baba Awoye Issa and Adewole Adebola Adefalu Orexinergic System Dysregulation in Depression Sergio Chieffi International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data Communications Volume 5, Issue 4 Comparative Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network Ramkrishna Ghosh Bifurcation Behavior of a Capacitive MicroBeam Suspended between Two Conductive Plates Azizi A, Mobki H, Rezazadeh G Journal of Cell Signaling Volume 1, Issue 4 Intranuclear Signaling Cascades Triggered by Nuclear GPCRs Fabio Cattaneo,Melania Parisi,Tiziana Fioretti,Gabriella Esposito and Rosario Ammendola Clinics in Mother and Child Health Volume 13, Issue 4 Using 75 g OGTT in Prediction for Macrosomia in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Brankica Krstevska, Sasha Jovanovska Misevska, Slagjana Simeonova Krstevska and Valentina Velkoska Nakova Breastfeeding Pattern and Duration and PostPartum Maternal Weight Retention Helen CastilloLaura and Inaacute S Santos Pattern Causes and Treatment Outcomes of Neonatal Admission in the TamaleTeaching Hospital Walana W, Acquah Ekuban KS, AbdulMumin A, Naafu B, Aruk E, Vicar Kofi E, Kampo S and Ziem Benogle J Treatment of Attachment Traumas in Postpartum Depression with IntensiveShortTerm Dynamic Psychotherapy Addressing the SelfCritical Personality Elke Schlager Interest of Prevention of Immediate Postpartum Hemorrhage with Misoprostolduring Cesarean Section Vodouhe MV, Bagnan Tonato JA, Hounkpatin B, Djossa SA, Obossou AAA, Sidi Rachidi I, Hounkponou AF, Salifou K, Lokossou A and Perrin RX Zika Virus Pandemic Misconceptions and its Implications Megha Sharma and Kapil Yadav Journal of Coastal Zone Management Volume 19 Issue 4 Macrobenthic Community Structure Response to Coastal Hypoxia off Southeastern Arabian Sea Baban SI, Periasamy R and Kalyan D Financing the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development NCICDProject in Jakarta Indonesia with the Private Sector Meine Pieter Van Dijk Cancer Surgery Volume 2 Issue 1 Giant Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor with Double Bowel Obstruction Diagnostic and Therapeutic ChallengesCase Report Gnangnon Freddy Houehanou Rodrigue, Imorou Souaibou Yacoubou, Gbessi Dansou Gaspard, Meli Anicet, Takin Romulus, Lawani Ismail, Kpossou Raimi, Dossou Francis Moiumlse and OloryTogbe Jean Leon ReExaminationsA High Cost AffairCommentary on Music Does Not Alter Anxiety inPatients with Suspected Lung Cancer Undergoing Bronchoscopy A Randomised Controlled Trial European Clinical Respiratory Journal Elisabeth Jeppesen, Carsten M Pedersen, Klaus R Larsen and Vibeke Backer Impact of Total Mesorectal Excision on Bladder and Sexual Function inRectal Cancer Mohammad Sultan Dar, Fazl Qadir Parray, Arif Hamid Bhat, Nisar Ahmed Chowdri, and Mohd Lateef Wani Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review Special Issue Emerging prospects on Business Research at MarketingEntrepreneurship Interface Multi Attribute User Profile Inference Model for Improved Customer RelationManagement Karthikeyan KK1, Ramani Gopal CS and Palaniappan G Disaster Prevention Measures for Building Safety Communities Using theCollapse of the Weiguan Jinlong Residential Complex from the 0206 TainanEarthquake as an Example YuTsun Liao and ShuhGi Chern The Sector of Handicrafts and its Share in Indian Economy Jahangir Ahmad Bhat and Pushpender Yadav Factor Influencing the Purchase Intension of Consumer While PurchasingSecondHand Products in Pakistan Rashida Bashir, Rab Nwaz Lodhi and Muhammad Atif The Attractiveness of the Territory via the Place Marketing Case of theInternational Festival of Nomads Mhamid El GhizlaneZagoraMorocco Ikrame Selkani The Mediating Effect of Time Management on the Relationship betweenKnowledge Management and Organization Performance Comparison Betweenlocal and the International NGOs Nemer Wahbeh, Hamza M Mohammed, Omar Al Daher and Abdullah Al shatter Role of ECAs Extra Curricular Activities in Personality Development A Case Study of University Students Ismail M, Nadeem M, Thind MHH, Shaheen MA, Shahid M and Ahmad R Microfinance Products and Enterpreneurship Analysis of Financial Needs for Socio Economic Development of TUGENDANE NIGIHE Sacco Clients Rwanda Harelimana Jean Bosco Analysis of a ProPoorProgram for Welfare Conditions of Households inRwanda Harelimana Jean Bosco Decentralization and Water Service Delivery in Dar es Salaam Eston Kwach, Charles Adam and Rashid Abdalla Shangazi Business Valuation Based on Assets Replacement Cost Yuriy V Kozyr Biology and Medicine Volume 9, Issue 1 A Medical Device called RUGRAN Improves the Correction and Stabilization of Posture Vincenzo Russo, Antonietta Messina, Fiorenzo Moscatelli, Ines Villano, Teresa Esposito, Vincenzo Monda, Valenzano Anna, Cibelli Giuseppe, Giovanni Messina and Marcellino Monda Expression Signature of MicroRNA155 and its Association with Response to Treatment within Different Subtypes of BCell Malignancies Amel Mahmoud Kamal Eldin, Emad Allam Abdel Naem, Aliaa Monir Higazi, Nagwa Ismail Okaily, Mohamed Omar Abdelaziz, Mohamed Shawket Mohamed, Gehan Lotfy Abdel Hakeem and Marwa Mohamed Abd Allah Systemic Inflammation Mediates the Effects of Endotoxemia in the Mechanisms of Heat Stroke Chin Leong Lim and Katsuhiko Suzuki Site Predilection of Occupational Musculoskeletal Complaints among Dental Practitioners in Chennai City A S Arthisri, Ashish R Jain, Jacob Mathew Philip, C J Venkata Krishnan, Chitraa R Chandran Steroidal and Gonadotropin Hormone Profile Studies of a Classical Ayurvedic Preparation of Makardhvaja after Chronic Administration to Male SpragueDawley Rats Neshat Masud, Md Mamun Sikder, Md Afaz Uddin, Sagor Chandra Roy, Manoth Kumer Biswas, Epsheta Haque, Marjana Khalil, MSK Choudhuri Topical Binahong Anredera cordifolia Leaf Extract Increases Interleukin6and VEGF Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor during Burn Wound Healing in Wistar Rats Infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa Dewa Made Sukrama, Desak Made Wihandani, Amertha Putra Manuaba Relationship between Spiritualitybased Lifestyle and Procrastination amongEmployed Women in Iran Hajar Akbarnejhad, Shahrbanoo Ghahari Evaluation of the Riverine Vegetation of Wadi Tafna in the Tlemcen Region Western Algeria Lamia KorsoBouabdallah, Mohamed Bouazza and Hassiba StamboulindashMeziane Factors of Prolonged Intensive Care Unit Stay After Surgery in Patients with Type A Acute Aortic Dissection Mohammed Firoj Khan, Xian en Fa and Hai Bin Yu Helicobacter Pylori Infection We Should Always Verify the Intrafamilial Transmission Marco Manfredi, Silvia Iuliano, Pierpacifico Gismondi, Barbara Bizzarri, Federica Gaiani, Alessia Ghiselliand Gian Luigi dersquoAngelis Determination of Antifungal Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Produced from Aspergillus niger Nida Tabassum Khan and Muhammad Mushtaq Suspected Wilsons Disease Presenting with Normal Serum Ceruloplasmin Levels Atul Singh Rajput, Gunjan Singh Dalal and Jyoti Jain Thermal Patterns in Peripheral Regions of Breast during Different Stages of Development Akshara Makrariya and Neeru Adlakha Journal of Physical Mathematics Voulme 7 Issue 4 Identification of Wave Regularities According to Statistical Data ofParameters of 24 Pulsars Mazurkin PM Identification of Trends and Wave Regularities according to StatisticalData of Fluctuations of Mass of Glaciers Mazurkin PM New Near Open Set In Topological Space Sayed MEL and Mansour FHAL Matlab Source Code for Species Transport through Nafion Membranes inDirect Ethanol Direct Methanol and Direct Glucose Fuel Cells Summerfield JH and Manley MW Call to Repel the Physical Theories of the 20th Century Sujak P Polignacs Conjecture with New Prime Number Theorem YinYue Sha International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience Volume 18, Issue 4 Most Common Side Effects of Clozapine and Their Management Mohammad Masud Iqbal, Shivale Swati, Alka Aneja, Mohammad Touhid Iqbal, Esha Aneja,Sumala Haque Treatment Needs for Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders among Outpatients with Severe Mental Illness SMI A Comparative Study Sowunmi OA, Onifade PO, Ogunwale A Assessment and Management of Job Stress in Emergency Nurses a Preliminary Study Gabriele drsquoEttorre, Chiara Maselli, Mariarita Greco, Vincenza Pellicani 1522-4821-1000348.php?aid=82119 A Study on Social Support and Stress among Married Women School Teachers Maryam Riaz, Mueen Abid, Naeem Ullah, Sidra Khalid 1522-4821-1000347.php?aid=82118 The Psychological Survival of a Refugee in South AfricaThe Impact of War and the ongoing Challenge to Survive as a Refugee in South Africa on Mental Health and Resilience Sumaiya Mohamed, Dominique DixPeek, Ashleigh Kater 1522-4821-1000346.php?aid=82117 Clinical Advances of Recent Discoveries about the Interaction between Circadian and Serotoninergic Systems Thomaz de Oliveira, Victor Marinho, Francisco Magalhatildeos, Kaline Rocha, Jessica Ribeiro, Monara Nunes, Fernanda Sousa, Giovanny R Pinto, Silmar Teixeira 1522-4821-1000345.php?aid=82116 Sleep apnea in Chiari I malformation Maher Abouda, Ferdaous Yangui, Senda Turki, Mehdi Charfi 1522-4821-1000344.php?aid=82115 Implementing Effective Programs to Increase Safety and Reduce Bullying in Connecticut Private Schools USA A Policy Perspective Angela M Hudson Davis, Paul A Bourne doi 1522-4821-1000343.php?aid=82114 Schizophrenia in the Silver Screen Beyond the LoveHate Relationship Arghya Pal 1522-4821-1000342.php?aid=82113 Ambulatory CareSensitive Conditions and Mental Health Disorders A Short Overview of the Current State of Research Andrea Figura, Matthias Rose Malaria Control & Elimination Volume 5, Issue 3 Antimalarial and AntiHemolytic Properties of Aqueous Crude Extract ofGynostemma pentaphyllum Leaves against Plasmodium berghei Infectionin Mice Voravuth Somsak , Chokdee Klubsri, Kittiyaporn Dondee, Panatda Bootprom, Butsarat Saiphet and Preeyanuch Borkaew Antimalarial Drug Discovery Andrographis paniculata Leaf Extract Voravuth Somsak Neonatal and Pediatric Medicine Volume 2, issue 2 Clinicoepidemiological Profile and Predictors of Mortality in LBW BabiesA Hospital Based Observational Study Ishtiyaq Q, Aijaz AM and Qazi I Anemia in Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets Elidrissy ATH and Atif AMS The Outcome of Blood Cultures in Febrile Children Presenting at theEmergency Department Khalil Salameh, Awean GZ, Alkume N and Abdussalam Shah AK Giant Choledochal Cysts in a 2 Year Old Child Aida D, Rabia Ben A, Malak B, Habib B, Youssef H, Youssef G and Nejib K Congenital Mucocele of Tongue A Rare Cause of Acute RespiratoryDistress Williams J Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ARDS in Preterm Infants withSevere Fetal Anemia 2 Case Reports and Review of Literature Bensouda B AntiHyperlipidemia Activity on Neonates and Perinatals Hemanth Swaroop U International Journal of Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation Volume 5 Issue 3 Baldwinian Learning in Quantum Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving theFineGrained Localization Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks Mahdi Aziz and Mohammad Meybodi Health and Environmental Protection in an Industrial Plant A Case Study of Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited ASCL Foundry Shop Ocheri Cyril The Development of the Root System of the Genus Astragals Species inSouthern Kazakhstan Root system Genus astragals species Vegetative plant organ Effect of Fermentation on the Proximate Composition of the Epicarp ofWatermelon Citrullus lanatus Ojokoh AO and Orekoya ES Critical Analysis of a Field Research Report on ADD and ADHD Andreacute Michaud Coua BirdInspired Algorithm for Solving Power System Problem Lenin K, Ravindhranathreddy B and Suryakalavathi M The Relation between Thermodynamics and the Information Theories TheIntroduction of the Term Enmorphy Dimitrios Samios A Comparative Study of Prominent Particle Swarm Optimization BasedMethods to Solve Traveling Salesman Problem Akhand MAH, Shaik Imran Hossain and Shahina Akter A Hybrid Simplex Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm for MultiObjective Optimization Seid H Pourtakdoust, Seid M Zandavi The Ethics of Super Intelligence Manuel Hurtado Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine Volume 10, Issue 4 Computer Aided Molecular Design CAMD Shalini Singh Genome Organization Inside the Nucleus Khanna N Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase Inhibitor in Diabetes Chen Z, Cui F, Meng L, Chen G, Li Z, Xu Y, Ma Z and Woldegiorgis G Functional Analysis of the C37055GC Mutation in the SCN1A GeneCryptic Splicing Site Activation and Partial Exon Skipping Ben Mahmoud A, Mansour RB, Driss F, Gargouri SB, Tabebi M, Rhouma BB, Tlili A, Siala O and Fakhfakh F Fas Role in Ischemic Stroke Not Only in Apoptosis Sergeeva SP, Gorbacheva LR, Breslavich ID and Cherdak MA The Isoquinoline Alkaloid Berberine Augments Radiation Effect by Enhancingthe DNA Damage at Molecular Level in HeLa Cells Irradiated with VariousDoses of Radiation Correlation Between DNA Damage and Clonogenicity Jagetia GC and Rao SK Oxaliplatin Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in Three MetastaticColorectal Cancer Patients with Hemodialysis Osawa H Treatment of Human Porphyrias with Glucose and Antioxidants is Now BestUnderstood Mazzetti MB MultiOmics Data Integration A Modular Approach Gajula MNVP NanoArchitecture of Osteocyte Lacunae Minamizaki T, Ahmed F and Yoshiko Y Association Between the Angiotensinogen Gene Polymorphism and The ProOxidant Effect in Tunisian Patients with Coronary Heart Disease Dandana A, Khelifa SB, Bouzidi N, Addad F and Ferchichi S Role of Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress in Dengue Pathogenesis A MiniReview Raimundo CastroOrozco and Nelson Rafael AlvisGuzmaacuten The Software Development and Design Based Approach in Assessing the Probability of Essential Hypertension Disease Nagay AV, Khamidullayeva GA, Srojidinova NZ, Hafizova LS, Moon OR and Nagaev SD TissueSpecific Size and Methylation Analysis in Two Fragile X FamiliesContribution to the Clinical Phenotype Edith RQM, Silvia J, Inmaculada R, Alicia G, Raquel M, Pablo M and Elizabeth P International Journal of Biomedical Data Mining Volume 6, Issue 1 Molecular Modeling and Docking Study of 2Nitropropane Dioxygenase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Abid AM1, Ibrahim BS1, Yadav PK1, Arya H1 and Rasool A2 Association Rules Mining and Statistic Test over Multiple Datasets on TCM Drug Pairs Shang E, Duan J, Fan X, Tang Y, Ye L Implementation of Decision Tree Using Hadoop MapReduce Tianyi Yang and Anne Hee Hiong Ngu Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship and Molecular Docking ofPim1 Kinase Inhibitors Rathod H Computational Drug Design and Molecular Dynamic StudiesA Review Maithri G, Manasa B, Vani SS, Narendra A and Harshita T Journal of Neuroinfectious Diseases Volume 7, Issue 4 Nicotine and Alzheimers Disease Mechanism for How the Fog of Smoke Increases the Fog of Dementia Herbert B Allen and Suresh G Joshi Depression Anxiety and Hopelessness in Patients with Chikungunya Fever in Brazil Hugo Andre de Lima Martins, Camila Cordeiro dos Santos, Valdenilson Ribeiro Ribas, Everton Botelho Sougey and Marcelo Moraes Valenca Nitrergic Myenteric Neurons are Spared in Experimental Chagasic Megacolon Mayra Fernanda Ricci, Camila Franca Campos, Christiane Teixeira Cartelle, Samantha Ribeiro Bela, Silvia Dantas Cangussu, Helton da Costa Santiago, Camila Megale de AlmeidaLeite and Rosa Maria Esteves Arantes Neurotoxocariais A Rare or Neglected Disease Alessandra Nicoletti The Etiological Diagnosis and Outcome in Patients of Acute Viral Encephalitis A Prospective Observational Study at Tertiary Care Centre of North India Deepak Bhagchandani, Virendra Atam, Supriya Thadani, Kamal Kumar Sawlani, Isha Atam and Anupriya Thadani Exploring Serologic Indicators for Laboratory Diagnosis of Asymptomatic Neurosyphilis WeiMing Gu, Yue Chen, Lei Wu and Yang Yang Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy in Spastic Cerebral Palsy Children Improves Motor Activity Meena Gupta, Bablu Lal Rajak, Dinesh Bhatia and Arun Mukherjee Risk of Reactivation of Latent HBV Hepatitis in Patients Under Neurosurgical Treatment Yoshikazu Ogawa and Teiji Tominaga Triptolide Protects Neurons from Endoplasmic Reticulum StressMediated Apoptosis in Cerebral Ischemic Injury Rats Yingchao Su, Benping Zhang, Yihong Ma, Yongzhi San, Jun Qi, Chunhua Liu, Senlin Mao, Mingjie Li, Pengwei Wang and Feng Li Review of Public Administration and Management Volume 4 Issue 3 Effect of Organizational Justice on Organizational Citizenship Behavior AStudy of Health Sector of Pakistan Nadir Ali Instructional Leadership and Its Effect on Students Academic Performance Gillian Heaven and Paul Andrew Bourne Leadership as a Service A New Model for Higher Education in a NewCentury A Book Review Paul Andrew Bourne Implementation of the Economic Program Empowerment of LocalCommunities in Sota District Merauke Sub District Alexander Phuk Tjilen, Frans Papilaya and Edi Cahyono Leadership and Power in Public Organizations CrossCountry Analysisfrom the Brazilian Perspective Thiago Souza Araujo and Silvio Dagoberto Orsatto Free Fair and Credible Election and Democratic Governance in Bangladesh How Far the Dream of Success Awal Hossain Mollah International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology Voume 3, Issue 3 Heteronormativity in Elementary Schools The Hidden and EvadedCurricula of Gender Diversity Margaret Goodhand and Kathleen M Brown Towards Ontology Consciousness Technologies Alexander Moskvichev An Investigation into the Nature of Emotional Child Abuse in SaudiArabia Systematic Literature Review Aref Alsehaimi1 and Basheer Alshammari Internet Reflections on Teenagers Kranthi Kumar Bijili Regulatory Mode Profiles and the Organization of the Flow of Time Danilo Garcia and Erik Lindskaumlr Why Diaper Weaning is Essential in the Solidification of Individuation Ronnie Solan Untangling the AllianceOutcome Correlation Exploring the RelativeEffect of Age and Gender in Treatment of Adolescence Substance Abuser Olusegun E Afolabi and Fatai A Adebayo How is People Thinking Health Wise Paul Wilkins Clinical Characteristics and Outcome of Emergency Department Referralsfor Suicidal First Nation Children and Adolescents from Northern OntarioPreliminary Report Nasreen Roberts, Axas Nicholas and Leanne Repetti Meaningful Worlds 11th Humanitarian Mission to Haiti SustainableCommunity Healing PeaceBuilding and MeaningMaking for a HealthyHaiti Ani Kalayjian and Lorraine Simmons Linking Executive Functions and Written Language Intervention forStudents with Language Learning Disorders Silvana MR Watson, Anne MP Michalek and Robert A Gable Bioceramics Development and Applications Volume 6 Issue 2 Myanmar Connect 2016 In the Future Even Water Buffalo Will BeOnline Dolly Handerson Identifying the Components of Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesSMEs During the Years of 2003 to 2013 The Conducted Studies in Iranthrough the Method of Content Analysis Fatemeh O, Hossein ME .php?aid=80386 Ceramic Materials An Alternative for Surgical Saws Ijaz Ul M, David S, Ruediger H Calcium Orthophosphates CaPo and Dentistry Sergey V Dorozhkin Cultural Comparison for the Action of Looking At a Mobile Phone DisplayFocusing on IndependentInterdependent Self Takashi Nakamura , Adam Acar, Mark Ng Photobactericidal Properties of Hydroxyapatite Implant Surface Coating Maklygina Yu S, Sharova AS, Kundu B, Balla VK, Steiner R and Loschenov VB Innovative Energy & Research Volume 5 Issue 2 Analysis of Various Methodologies for Solar Power Generation Applicableto Meet the Energy Demand of Developing Country like India Vyas A and Panchal K Analytical and Numerical Study to Nonlinear Heat Transfer Equation inStrait Fin Akbari N, Ganji DD, Gholinia M and Gholinia S Towards a Postcarbon Future Benchmarking of 10 European Case StudyCities Selada C, Silva C, Almeida AL and Guerreiro D Analysis of Temperature Distribution through Rectangular Convective FinUsing Analytical Methods Mokhtarpour K and Ganji DD FunctionalizedGraphenePolyaniline Nanocomposites as ProficientEnergy Storage Material An Overview Dipanwita Majumdar Thermodynamic Parameters for the Solubility of Hydrogen in TantalumAluminium Alloys Taxak M, Kumar S and Krishnamurthy N A Novel Development for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells SolidstateElectrolytes without the Use of a Clean Room Santhaveesuk S, Santhaveesuk T and Kahattha C Analytical and Numerical Method in the Free Convection Flow of PureWater NonNewtonian Nano fluid between Two Parallel PerpendicularFlat Plates Gholinia M, Ganji DD, Poorfallah M and Gholinia S Potential Future Directions for Achieving Low Cost Cellulosic Ethanol Bhagia S and Ragauskas AJ Exploring the Potentials of Asphalt Solar Collectors in Hot HumidClimates Khoja AO and Waheeb SA Solid Waste Management in BengaluruCurrent Scenario and FutureChallenges Naveen BP and Sivapullaiah PV On the Future of LigninDerived Materials Chemicals and Energy Wells T and Ragauskas AJ Biosensors Journal Volume 5, Issue 2 Insulinotropic Effect of Herbal Drugs for Management of DiabetesMellitus A Congregational Approach Mohammad Nazrul Islam 2090-4967-1000141.php?aid=84366 Developmental Strategies of Herbal Medicine in the Scientific WorldResearch Based Approaches Mohammad Nazrul Islam Transformational Dosage form Can Change the Scenario of HerbalMedicine in the World A Research Based Scientific Approach Mohammad Nazrul Islam Journal of Research and Development Volume 4, Issue 2 A Biometric Study of the Lower Respiratory Tract of OneHumped Camel Camelus Dromedarius Fetuses A Bello, JE Onu, BI Onyeanusi, MA Umaru, AI Deneji, ML Sonfada Zika Virus ZIKV Infection A Review Kunchok Dolma Valorisation of Psammophytes in the Tlemcen Region OranieAlgeria Bouazza M, Stambouli MH and Hassani F Purification and Characterization of a Protease from Green SeededChickpea Cicer arientum Tooba Naz Shamsi, Priyankar Sen and Sadaf Fatima In Silico Drug Design and Molecular Docking Studies of Potent Inhibitorsagainst CathepsinL Ctsl for Sars Disease Madhu Sudhana Saddala, Pradeep Kiran Jangampalli Adi and Usha Rani A Journal of Biomusical Engineering Volume 4, Issue 2 Musical Improvisation and Brain Correlates An EEG Based NeurocognitiveStudy Using Hindustani Music Shankha Sanyal,Archi Banerjee,Shirsendu Mukherjee,Tarit Guhathakurata,Ranjan Senguptaand Dipak Ghosh Josquin Des Prez and His Erotic Cricket Marianne Hund Guillaume Dufay and the World of the Bees Willem Elders Benefits of Using Music Therapy in Mental Disorders Montaacutenchez Torres ML, Juaacuterez Ramos V, Martiacutenez Suaacuterez PC, Alonso Garciacutea S and Torres Mendoza M Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications Volume 10, Issue 1 Reduction over Coset Spaces and Residual Gauge Symmetry Davis S How to Prove the Riemann Hypothesis Fayez Fok Al Adeh The Hypergeometrical Universe Cosmogenesis Cosmology and StandardModel Pereira MA Structures of Notfinitely Graded Lie Superalgebras Juanjuan Li and Guangzhe Fan Structure Theory of RackBialgebras Alexandre C, Bordemann M, Riviegravere S and Wagemann F Classification of Canonical Bases for n2Dimensional Subspaces ofnDimensional Vector Space Uladzimir Shtukar Centralizers of Commuting Elements in Compact Lie Groups Kris A Nairn Canonical Bases for Subspaces of a Vector Space and 5DimensionalSubalgebras of Lie Algebra of Lorentz Group Uladzimir Shtukar Hilbertsubstructure of Real Measurable Spaces on Reductive Groups IBasic Theory Oyadare OO Classification of Canonical Bases for n1dimensional Subspaces of nDimensional Vector Space Uladzimir Shtukar Lie Group Methods for Eigenvalue Function Nazarkandi HA