OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Surgery Volume 13, Issue 1 The Place of Biological Markers to Predict the Response after NeoadjuvantTreatment in Esophageal Cancer Mircea Costache, Bogdan Filip1, Dragos Viorel Scripcariu, Nicolae Danila, Viorel Scripcariu Current Aspects and Survival Statistics Related to Resectability inPancreatic Cancer Dan Timofte, Mihaela Blaj, Florin Petrariu, Lidia Ionescu Minimizing Occurrence of Pancreatic Fistula during PancreatoduodenectomyPd Procedure An Update Mohammad Abdul Mazid, Gazi Shahinur Akter , Zheng Hui Ye, XiaoPing Geng, FuBao Liu, YiJun Zhao, FanHuang, Kun Xie, HongChuan Zhao Kummells Disease Case Report of a Delayed Onset Paraparesis andLiterature Review Salvatore DOria, Carlo Delvecchio, Francesco Zizza, Carlo Somma Fistulas after Low Anterior Resection with TME tefan Morrau, Tudor Frunz, Alexandru Rotundu, Sorinel Lunc, Gabriel Dimofte Variations in the Number of Circulating Tumor Cells During the SurgicalSequence for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer DragosViorel Scripcariu, Gabriel Dimofte, Dan Ferariu Changes in the Occurrence of Abdominal Complaints in Surgically TreatedPatients due to Cholecystolithiasis The Number of 7 Patients Clinical Analysis of Duodenal NeuroendocrineNeoplasms Mohammad Abdul Mazid, Gazi Shahinur Akter, Zheng Hui Ye, XiaoPing Geng, FuBao Liu,YiJun Zhao, FanHuang,Kun Xie,HongChuan Zhao A Rare and Interesting Case of Mediastinal Fibromatosis Laparoscopic Right Colectomy from Up to Bottom Radu Moldovanu