Sustainable Waste Resources

"Traditional concept of waste as something produced at the end of our consumption activities has to be challenged by the new zero waste concept. In the zero waste concepts, waste is considered as a transitional phase of resources which can be taken back to the production process or disposed of to landfill. Hence zero waste management systems include product design, consumption, and resource recovery phases. Zero waste products, based on cradle-to-cradle design principles, would eventually not produce any waste during their production stages. At the end of product stage, the life span of the product should easily be extended by repair and thus be ready for reuse again. If not, then the product would easily be dematerialized to reprocess in the creation of a new product. If dematerialization is not possible, then the production process needs to be changed to make it more resource efficient. Sustainable Waste Resource Journal is one of the top journals that deal with human generated wastes and their various optimal processing such as waste management, segragation, collection, packaging, storage, transport, treatment, disposal, etc. Sustainable Waste Ressources Journal provides an international platform where students, authors and researchers from different linguistic environments have the opportunity to share their valuable scientific experience from their native language to English or from English to other international languages including French, German and Spanish. We believe that OMICS Translation Services is a guarantee for quicker and larger information exchange between scientists, and a key component for future research."
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Last date updated on May, 2014

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