"The origin of biotechnology goes back to millenniums ago. The ancient China and Egypt were the first countries that used biotechnology in the form of food fermentation. The modern biotechnology especially in the field of medicine is introduced as “Technology of Hope” as many people are favored from the medical biotechnology products in therapeutic or prophylaxis form worldwide. Biotechnology is classically divided into four major categories, including agricultural, environmental, industrial and biomedical/healthcare biotechnologies... Ramin Mazaheri Nezhad Fard, The History of Modern Biotechnology in Iran: A Medical Review The OMICS Group Journal of Biotechnology is one of the world top most journals in biotechnology that attracts research papers worldwide in various areas of biotechnology, including agriculture, food production, and medicine as well as genomics, recombinant gene technologies, applied immunology, pharmaceutical therapies, diagnostic tests, etc. Authors and researchers from different linguistic environments, who wish to share all over the world their valuable scientific experience in the field of biotechnology, now have the opportunity to use the newly launched OMICS Translation Services by choosing to have their works translated from their native language to English or from English to other international languages including French, German and Spanish."
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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