Tree Topology

International Journal of Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation is an International Open Journal presents high quality articles to updated knowledge on Genetic Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation and the content published under tree topology is Peer reviewed. Swarm Intelligence and Computational Intelligence play a critical role in Robotics therefore, journal continuously publishing thematic Peer reviewed issues related to tree topology or information technology. A tree topology is a collection of star topology is arranged in hierarchical order. Different hierarchy is arranged in such a way that it should provide greater control and easier troubleshooting. In the simplest form only hub devices connect directly to the tree bus. we consider an active hub and a passive hub with n computer systems which are connected to the hub. By using Markov process, supplementary variable technique and Laplace transformation the transition state probabilities, up and down state probabilities, reliability and mean time to failure of the designed tree topology network should be evaluated. OMICS Group formed a network by signing agreements with more than 100 international societies to make healthcare information Open Access. OMICS Group also offers various services like Publication Management, Processing Management, Event Management quality and subscription management to other similar institutions through this network. The Scientific Societies have trusted in OMICS peer-reviewed journals and attributed strongly towards supporting OMICS in their drive of helping the scientific community grow by impeding the barriers of healthcare and scientific information.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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