Vile Vortices

The Vile Vortices in the Tropic of Cancer: Mohenjo Daro, site of the Rama Empire; The Devils Sea (Dragons Triangle); Hamakulia, near Hawaii, the scene of high volcanic activity; The Bermuda Triangle; The Algerian megalithic ruins; The North Pole. Vortices in the Tropic of Capricorn: The Zimbabwe Megaliths; Wharton Basin, the site of the Wallaby Fracture Zone; The edge of the Hebrides Trench near the Fiji Islands; Easter Island Colossi; The South Atlantic Anomaly; The South Pole. When this collection of locations is charted on a map of the globe, the result is a perfectly-balanced picture where the twelve locations in question form the vertices of an icosahedron (a 20 sided polyhedron). A journal is a periodical publication intended to further progress of science, usually by reporting new research. Most journals are highly specialized, although some of the oldest journals publish articles, reviews, editorials, short communications, letters, and scientific papers across a wide range of scientific fields. Journals contain articles that peer reviewed, in an attempt to ensure that articles meet the journal's standards of quality, and scientific validity. Each such journal article becomes part of the permanent scientific record. Journal of Vortex Science and Technology is the most counted journal in Vile vortices. The journal follows a stringent peer-review process that aims to improve the overall quality of the published content and attracting more number of citations. In collaborative efforts, the journal is focusing on Gravitation, Wireless and Tesla’s Transmission, Environmental monitoring, Biological effectiveness, cell communication by scalar waves. The OMICS International handles over 350 titles at present, which also broadly include Open Access journals on Life Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Management and Engineering Sciences which are beneficial to both scholars and students. With the growing number of scientific enthusiasts and readers by a large margin, the efficacy of open access publishing has witnessed an assertive impact. Journal of Vortex Science and Technology is known for its best articles on Vile vortices. As a scientific organization, the OMICS International carries the vision to present the authentic free-to-view scientific literature to the scientific community.
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Last date updated on June, 2014

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