OMICS Publishing Group Open Access Journals
Dr. Srinubabu Gedela is the honorable director of OMICS Group, the open access publisher and organizer of international scientific conferences. He received his elementary education from a school in his village, Allena, his native place in Andhra Pradesh, South India. With great fervor, Dr. Gedela pursued B.Pharmacy, followed by M.Tech in Biotechnology from Andhra University, India. At the young age of 25, he completed his Ph.D under the able guidance of Prof. Allam Appa Rao.

Currently, being the CEO of OMICS Group, Dr. Gedela felt the need for availability of scientific literature for the students, and this led him to collaborate with researchers and fellow scientists for the initiation of first journal in Proteomics, as the first OMICS Group publication in 2007. Travelling extensively in several parts of Asia Pacific and Europe, Dr. Gedela arranged for international conferences that also evolved as the OMICS Group Conferences entity. The OMICS Group journals, currently standing around 250, are peer-reviewed and indexed in world-renowned directories like PubMed.